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The State of Cinematography: Insights From The Rental Houses

The State of Cinematography: Insights From The Rental Houses

Rental houses, which have existed since the 1920s, have all experienced the evolution from film to video to data. Today, the trends that rental houses experience -- from technology to business practices -- are a lens for understanding what's going on in the bigger ecosystem of the film/TV industry. In Part 1, we look at the challenges facing rental houses in today's production environment.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
Tips for Attending NAB From A Convention Veteran

Tips for Attending NAB From A Convention Veteran

Walter Biscardi tells us, "Once again, springtime is upon us, so of course, it's time for the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention. Last year y'all seemed to like the before you go tips, so may I present the 2013 edition of 'Tips from an NAB Veteran to make the best use of your time'."

Editorial, Feature
Walter Biscardi
The Camera Is An Eye - Not A Vacuum Or A Gun

The Camera Is An Eye - Not A Vacuum Or A Gun

This article is intended to be a friendly guidepost for all shooters who wish to improve their craft. At the highest level, you, the shooter, are involved in one of the greatest art forms the world has ever known. At the lowest level, you, the shooter, are still involved in one of the greatest art forms the world has ever known. Find out how to channel your "Inner-Welles" and create the majestic poetry we all crave from your art.

Editorial, Feature
David Allison
Business & Marketing
Suck It Up, Buttercup

Suck It Up, Buttercup

The Best Excuses from New or Underemployed Filmmakers and Freelancers: "You've really really got to stop being lazy and making excuses for not getting what you want," says Creative COW Contributing Editor Kylee Wall. "Seriously. It's sad and it makes me sad for you. So sad in fact, that I've created this BEST OF compilation of stupid excuses. It's perhaps a little more brash than my usual fare. Don't mistake this for arrogance. I'm young and stupid too, but I'm still allowed to almost rant. Pseudo-rant. Pretend I made you cookies and you're eating them as you read this."

Editorial, Feature
Kylee Wall
Live & Stage Events
NAB 2012: Snell

NAB 2012: Snell

At NAB 2012, Snell unveiled several new products: Kahuna 360 Compact, a smaller-frame version of the company's Kahuna 360 video switcher that is targeted at the live production market; KudosPro, a format-flexible and cost-effective next-generation image-processing platform; Momentum, an asset management (MAM), workflow automation, and resource planning solution; and a 4-RU version of its Vega routing platform. The company also showcased enhancements to its ICE channel-in-a-box and Morpheus automation systems.

Debra Kaufman
DSLR Video
Is the New Blackmagic Cinema Camera the HDSLR Killer?

Is the New Blackmagic Cinema Camera the HDSLR Killer?

Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media dissects Blackmagic Design's new Cinema Camera to see if it is in fact, the much-anticipated HDSLR-killer everyone's been waiting for over the years. But with a comparatively smaller sensor size and radical body design, does it fit the bill as the killer we all want?

Review, Feature
Marco Solorio
Film Style Slow Motion in Digital Times

Film Style Slow Motion in Digital Times

In this article, David Battistella, respected filmmaker and Creative COW contributing editor and forum host, inspired by questions frequently asked in the COW forums, offers a guide to understanding and re-creating film style slow motion.

David Battistella
Stereoscopic 3D
3D Post: A Business Model in Progress

3D Post: A Business Model in Progress

While some argue whether or not it's a fad, George Bellias has made 3D the core of his company's business. It's not the future for him. 3D is the now.

George Bellias
Business & Marketing
Recalling our First Five Years in Print

Recalling our First Five Years in Print

The Power of Dreaming: Forging Visions that Work. That is the standard that we at Creative COW strive to unite under. In just five years, the COW Magazine has moved from the realms of dreams to a market leader. Read on for founder Ron Lindeboom's personal remembrances and inspiration, and what constantly keeps us at the COW motivated for further achievement -- you, our readers and members.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview, Project
Ron Lindeboom
Field Production
Anton/Bauer Tandem 150 Modular Power System

Anton/Bauer Tandem 150 Modular Power System

Want to charge an Anton/Bauer battery in just about any situation, whether wall power is available or not? Anton/Bauer's small, lightweight Tandem 150 is what you need.

Helmut Kobler
Lighting Design Pros
Litepanels SolaENG Review: On-Camera LED Light

Litepanels SolaENG Review: On-Camera LED Light

There are plenty of power-sipping LED lights that you can mount atop cameras, but very few have enough punch to fill up large spaces, or cut through daylight. Litepanels finally has such a light in the Sola ENG. It's powerful, controllable, and in some cases, a little loud.

Helmut Kobler
RED Camera
Reproducing Rainbows: Color in the Digital Environment

Reproducing Rainbows: Color in the Digital Environment

As digital photography and cinematography reach further into the digital media landscape, and your captured images can be viewed on a vast range of media, the need for standardizing color has become more invaluable than ever. Imagine trying to get a consistent hue of green or blue or teal across multiple platforms. So, it becomes easy to understand why it's important to have a color reference chart for each new scenes' lighting conditions. All of the formats carry specific gamma and color spaces to reproduce color. The chart is the point of agreement. In this review, David Battistella reviews the RED Cambook from DSC Labs, which readily addresses these concerns. Read on for David's findings...

David Battistella
HD High-End
Band Pro One World 2010 Trade Show

Band Pro One World 2010 Trade Show

These days, many video-oriented trade shows are struggling with declining attendance, reduced scopes and the nagging fear of irrelevance when customers can get so much information online. So how has the Band Pro One World managed to attract big-name vendors and over 500 attendees? Helmut Kobler attends and shares with COW members his experience at what felt like more of a "friendly mixer" where you can easily talk to vendors and friends, and see great products close up.

Review, Editorial, Project
Helmut Kobler
How to Shoot Footage Your Editor Will Respect

How to Shoot Footage Your Editor Will Respect

When it comes to shooting, David Allison's experience in the editing room has helped him develop parameters that lead to better footage that embodies the sensible values of an efficient shooter.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
David Allison
Event Videographers
World-Class Aerials for The World Cup

World-Class Aerials for The World Cup

The world's most popular and prestigious sporting event added aerial coverage for the first time in its illustrious history -- and they turned to partners Helifilms and Helimedia to make it all possible.

Feature, People / Interview
Matt Downey
Digital Delivery - NEW !
Avoiding Digital Delivery Disasters

Avoiding Digital Delivery Disasters

It used to be easy. A tape, an envelope, a finished delivery. Now there are many more ways for things to go wrong! Here are ways to keep your digital deliveries on track.

Editorial, People / Interview
Bob Zelin
Apple Final Cut Server
Managing Assets to Maximize Impact

Managing Assets to Maximize Impact

Automating workflow with Final Cut Server, and creative engineering that utilizes the latest technologies, allows these broadcasters to put their ministry's resources where they matter most.

Feature, People / Interview
John Pipes
Adobe After Effects
Camera Tracker Review

Camera Tracker Review

Bill O'Neil offers his insight into The Foundry's CameraTracker, a powerful tool which allows the user to pull 3D motion tracks and matchmoves -- all inside of AE. Read as Bill dips his toes into the water and begins to experience the possibilities available. He includes three movie samples and screenshots.

Bill O'Neil
Field Production
Shooting True First-Person Interviews

Shooting True First-Person Interviews

Tom Miller, a 20 year cinematographer, shares some of his interview secrets with Creative COW members. Inspired by the Academy Award®-winning documentary film "Fog of War", where Robert McNamara looks directly into the lens as he talks about the trials and tribulations of the Vietnam War, Tom moves to recreate this unnerving and powerful effect in his own work. Draw from Tom's vast expertise to communicate with your audience in a memorable experience.

Feature, People / Interview
Thomas Miller
DSLR Video
DSLRs for Digital Cinema: Their Potential, Your Responsibility

DSLRs for Digital Cinema: Their Potential, Your Responsibility

Dave Stump ASC explores the innovations and limitations of DSLR cameras and offers his insights into how and when to work with them successfully.

Feature, People / Interview
Dave Stump, ASC


Professional editing goes open source: top editors describe a powerful editing tool being unleashed on the public.

Review, People / Interview
David Battistella
DSLRs: A Time Exposure

DSLRs: A Time Exposure

Robert Primes, ASC is watching the progress of DSLR video, and sees some remarkable visions of the future of cinematography. Read on for his detailed review...

Review, Feature, People / Interview
Robert Primes, ASC
Broadcast Video
Blue Ribbon Broadcast Switchers

Blue Ribbon Broadcast Switchers

Integration is the name of the broadcast game, and both of these switchers generated traffic because of their integrated software that is changing the game. Read on for Creative COW's short review of two Blue Ribbon Award Winning Broadcast Switchers...

Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design
Blue Ribbon for Best of Show: NAB 2010 -- Blackmagic Design

Blue Ribbon for Best of Show: NAB 2010 -- Blackmagic Design

There may have been companies at 2010's NAB Show who brought more new products than Blackmagic Design -- but then again, with a dozen major new releases, there may not have been. There was certainly nobody who brought so many best-of-category products, several of which could merit Best of Show awards on their own, with the potential to truly transform advanced post and broadcast workflows. Simply put, we've never seen anybody come to the show playing for keeps in so many different ways.

Review, Feature, People / Interview
Grant Petty
Panasonic HVX - HPX (P2)
ShotPut Pro V3 by Imagine Products, Inc.

ShotPut Pro V3 by Imagine Products, Inc.

ShotPut Pro streamlines an important part of tapeless, solid-state workflows: offloading the media cards to a hard drive or other volume. Creative COW leader Helmut Kobler has been using Shotput for a couple of years now, and reviews its latest update on the Mac (a Windows version works the same way).

Helmut Kobler

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