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Ron Lindeboom
Sales & Marketing Director
CreativeCow.net, Cambria, California USA

Article Focus:
In this article, Ron Lindeboom shows newer and other GoLive users how to make GoLive act the way you want it to. Have you ever wished you could set the hot-key short-cuts the way you wanted instead of the way that the Adobe engineers set them? Well you can do it and it's very easy to do. Here's how...

One of the most frustrating parts of some programs you buy, is that the engineers don't always think like you do -- their idea of good keyboard short-cuts aren't always the best ones for the way you work. So you gripe as you use the program and wish you could change them. Well those little coding pixies in Adobe's web-coding laboratory -- they're there, you didn't know they were pixies? -- have given you a simple way to reset the keyboard short-cuts. It's a good thing they did because I demand white-space on the page -- lots of it! -- and using their factory settings, it's not the quickest thing to do.

By resetting my keyboard short-cuts where I like them, I have jump-started my ability to add white-space to my pages. And I am all the happier for the experience and my cats no longer wonder whats going on when I mutter scurrilous things under my breath about coding pixies and the like...

Now you can use this same technique to find the areas of GoLive where the coding pixies missed the way you work. (They're there, trust me -- I've seen 'em!)


The first thing you have to do to reset your hot-key short-cuts is to go to the "Edit" menu and scroll down to the "Keyboard Shortcuts" setting. (see left) Sure, you can use the keyboard shortcut of option-shift-command(or alt)-K but let's not get fanatical now. Besides, if we encourage this kind of four key short-cut, next we'll have three handed short-cuts that only you and a friend can access together.

Once you successfully access the Keyboard Shortcuts from the preceding menu, you will find this dialog box presented to you. For me, to access the indent commands, I chose the "Type" settings because that's where the coding pixies in the bowels of the Adobe web-coding laboratories hid the "Alignment" settings on the drop-down menus -- which include the coveted whitespace controls, "Increase Block Indent" and "Decrease Block Indent." Neither of the indent choices come stock from Adobe with short-cut pre-sets. So I lived with going to that damnable drop-down menu until one day I noticed that there was a setting called "Keyboard Shortcuts" -- I promise that I'll read the WHOLE manual one day, code pixies. Really I will.
By turning down the "twirly arrow" next to the "Type" setting, it reveals all the items on the "Type" drop-down menu. And the sub-menu Indent choices are hidden in the "Alignment" settings just as they are on the drop-down menu. And they have no shortcut assigned, so I have:

1. Clicked in the "Press New Shortcut" field

2. With that field clicked in I have pressed down the shift-command-I keys. (It was pre-assigned to Italic type but I don't do much of that but I will not give up my white space. So I reassigned it by pressing the "Assign key.

3. I did the same procedure with the "Decrease..." setting and assigned it to shift-command-D.

4. Click OK to exit.

If you have successfully reassigned the "Increase Block Indent" to a key combo of shift-command-I -- you will see the shortcut is now a part of the settings in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. See figure at left.

Note: Windows users can substitute the ALT key for the Mac Command key.

Having successfully reassigned the once unimportant Italic text shortcut to the indispensible "Gimme Whitespace or Gimme Death" shortcut -- you can now see that it is a part of the shortcuts on the Type drop-down menu.

With these two new shortcuts, I can quickly set and rest my whitespace settings to make friendlier pages that eyeballs appreciate and will call "friend."

Afterall, the italic setting is part of the toolbar for goodness sake and it's just a second to get there on those occasions when I need it.

So, now I am happier, my cats are happier and all of us salute the coding pixies, locked away in the bowels of the Adobe web development laboratories, for their foresight in letting us tweak the interface easily quickly and to maximize the workflow individually. A good idea and one of these days don't be surprised if the UPS truck shows up with some SLO Brew Ale sent from your pals here in San Luis Obispo County, California -- where pixies and italics are rare but whitespace is on nearly every page.

And thanks for making it easier to get there...


©2001 by Ron Lindeboom. All rights are reserved.

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