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Peter Wiggins reviews Motion, the new compositing tool from Apple

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Peter Wiggins takes a thorough look at the new Motion from Apple. Never before has there been such interest and anticipation over a piece of software and Peter Wiggins hopes that this article gives an insight into the creative capabilities, workflow and SPEED of Motion.

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Peter Wiggins looks at Filters in Motion

Filters could not be easier to apply, just go to the top of the canvas window to ‘Add Filter”

Simple as that and you will find the dashboard will load the filter parameters instantly.

What is amazing though is the clip will keep playing when the filter is applied! Now big deal you might say when it comes to glow, but exactly the same thing happens when I apply a Gaussian blur.

This is because Motion uses similar technology to Core Video, you might have seen this in the demonstration Steve Jobs gave at the WWDC. It also shows what unlocking the power of the GPU can do.

I won't go through all the filters; they range from the OK to truly amazing. Some of my favorites are Halftone.

The very mad Overdrive

And Starburst, which I've blended with the original clip – again all running in real time.

For all those Doctor Who fans out there, I shall leave you the surprise of finding Slit Scan & Slit Tunnel!

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