DaVinci Resolve Tutorials : Creative COW https://library.creativecow.net/tutorials/davinci Creative COW Library of DaVinci Resolve, tips, and strategies. en-us Fri, 14 Aug 2020 23:00:00 GMT PHP Script webmaster@creativecow.net webmaster@creativecow.net Automatically Cut Edited Videos! DaVinci Resolve Scene Cut Detection https://library.creativecow.net/pyper_cody/davinci-resolve-scene-cut-detection/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/pyper_cody/davinci-resolve-scene-cut-detection.php Have you ever wanted to have a program automatically make cuts on a finished video? Or did you lose your project file and need to make an edit? Well DaVinci Resolve's Scene Cut Detection will do just that. Join filmmaker Cody Pyper for a closer look! Fri, 26 Jun 2020 08:15:39 GMT Core Post delivers BRASSIC in HDR with DaVinci Resolve https://library.creativecow.net/cow_creative/Core_Post_delivers_BRASSIC_with_DaVinci_Resolve/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/cow_creative/Core_Post_delivers_BRASSIC_with_DaVinci_Resolve.php Blackmagic Design announced that UK post facility, Core Post, has expanded its post production capabilities to offer HDR delivery for broadcast and production clients through its existing DaVinci Resolve Studio workflow. The first project to be realized through the new pipeline is Sky One’s comedy Fri, 19 Jun 2020 23:53:42 GMT TV Tokyo’s Watanuki-san-chino uses Blackmagic Design https://library.creativecow.net/cow_creative/TV_Tokyos_Watanuki-san-chino_uses_Blackmagic_Design/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/cow_creative/TV_Tokyos_Watanuki-san-chino_uses_Blackmagic_Design.php TV Tokyo’s “Watanuki-san-chino,” was created using DaVinci Resolve Studio, HyperDeck Studio 12G and a number of additional Blackmagic Design products. The show is the first sitcom series where Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) were cast as the main characters and were included in the show using Blac Thu, 18 Jun 2020 22:19:37 GMT DaVinci Resolve Optical Flow https://library.creativecow.net/pyper_cody/davinci-resolve-optical-flow/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/pyper_cody/davinci-resolve-optical-flow.php Join filmmaker and After Effects artist Cody Pyper for a closer look at DaVinci Resolve's Optical Flow to create exceptionally smooth slow motion, even on footage shot at normal frame rates. Cody covers the basics of how to use the effect, and shows some practical applications of Optical Flow for a Fri, 07 Feb 2020 05:32:45 GMT Adobe, Avid, Blackmagic Design: The Big 3 NLEs at NAB 2019 https://library.creativecow.net/lewis_hillary/adobe-avid-blackmagic-nab-nle/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/lewis_hillary/adobe-avid-blackmagic-nab-nle.php Creative COW’s Hillary Lewis sat down with Avid, Adobe, and Blackmagic Design at NAB Show 2019 and discussed the innovations behind their releases and their outlooks on the future. NLEs are more accessible, faster, and better than ever. What does that mean for users today -- and tomorrow? Wed, 08 May 2019 10:25:31 GMT Compositing Secrets Everyone Can Use, Pt 5: Brightness https://library.creativecow.net/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_brightness/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_brightness.php The first challenge to understanding the nature of brightness in compositing starts with remembering that we're not actually seeing color at all, but rather something of an illusion that appears to us as color! Join longtime VFX artist, editor, software developer, and business owner Simon Ubsdell fo Thu, 21 Mar 2019 03:54:29 GMT Compositing Secrets Everyone Can Use Pt. 4 - Advanced Alphas https://library.creativecow.net/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_advanced_alpha_channels/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_advanced_alpha_channels.php When most people hear the words "alpha channels", they think "transparency", but that's not exactly accurate. The truth is more complex, and a quite bit more interesting! Join longtime VFX artist, editor, software developer, and business owner Simon Ubsdell for Part 4 of the best look behind the tec Fri, 07 Dec 2018 08:19:02 GMT Compositing Secrets Everyone Can Use: Pt. 3 - Alpha Channels https://library.creativecow.net/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_alpha_channels/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_alpha_channels.php When most people hear the words "alpha channels", they think "transparency", but that's not exactly accurate. The truth is more complex, and a quite bit more interesting! Join longtime VFX artist, editor, software developer, and business owner Simon Ubsdell for Part 3 of the best look behind the tec Thu, 18 Oct 2018 01:40:52 GMT Compositing Secrets Everyone Can Use 2: Advanced Blend Modes https://library.creativecow.net/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_everyone_can_use_advanced_blend_modes/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/ubsdell_simon/compositing_secrets_everyone_can_use_advanced_blend_modes.php Whether you're a full-time compositor and VFX artist, an editor working in one of the many NLEs that supports Blend Modes (including Adobe Premiere, Apple FCP and FCPX, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Rsolve, and VEGAS Pro), or whether you just want the additional graphics power that comes with insight Mon, 01 Oct 2018 01:01:01 GMT Avid, Adobe, Blackmagic: Talking With Titans at NAB 2018 https://library.creativecow.net/lewis_hillary/avid_adobe_blackmagicdesign_nab/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/lewis_hillary/avid_adobe_blackmagicdesign_nab.php As much as each year's NAB Show is about what's completely new, it's about hearing what's new from the industry's most enduring companies. Creative COW Contributing Editor Hillary Lewis sat down with representatives from three of the biggest titan companies in production and post -- Avid's David Col Fri, 04 May 2018 12:04:10 GMT Exporting LUTs for VFX in DaVinci Resolve https://library.creativecow.net/walters_nathan/Exporting_LUTs_for_VFX_in_DaVinci_Resolve/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/walters_nathan/Exporting_LUTs_for_VFX_in_DaVinci_Resolve.php Nathan Walters walks you through the workflow of exporting LUTs for visual effects, explaining why a visual effects artist would want a LUT and how to create one for them. Mon, 14 Aug 2017 22:49:15 GMT Fairlight + Resolve, Part 1: The DAWn of a Resolved Era https://library.creativecow.net/solorio_marco/blackmagic_davinci_resolve_fairlight/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/solorio_marco/blackmagic_davinci_resolve_fairlight.php Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media gives an introductory overview to the rebirth of the Fairlight digital audio workstation (DAW) that is now part of Blackmagic Design’s powerful DaVinci Resolve post-production system. Is this finally the solution to break away from the Pro Tools stronghold? Wed, 17 May 2017 07:11:54 GMT Face Refinement First Impressions - DaVinci Resolve https://library.creativecow.net/walters_nathan/Face_Refinement_DaVinci_Resolve/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/walters_nathan/Face_Refinement_DaVinci_Resolve.php Face refinement in DaVinci Resolve is a technique Nathan Walters uses often. In this video, he gives a glimpse at the old way it could be done, and show just how much easier it is now with Resolve. Wed, 26 Apr 2017 15:55:40 GMT Day Three: Editing on DaVinci Resolve 12.5 https://library.creativecow.net/biscardi_walter/DaVinci-Resolve-12-5_P3/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/biscardi_walter/DaVinci-Resolve-12-5_P3.php It's Day Three of Walter Biscardi's REAL WORLD editing on DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and this is going to be the longest blog yet as I want to show you guys a lot of the "little things" that are making editing in Resolve a pleasure. I know there are a lot of questions still out there whether thi Wed, 04 May 2016 20:03:14 GMT Day Two: Editing on DaVinci Resolve 12.5 https://library.creativecow.net/biscardi_walter/DaVinci-Resolve-12-5_P2/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/biscardi_walter/DaVinci-Resolve-12-5_P2.php Somebody asked Walter Biscardi, "why does editing in Resolve interest you?" Well, he states, it is my color grading tool of choice. It's completely free, and by the way, I'm cutting this project using the free version of Resolve. My Studio version sits on another machine. And having all of Fri, 29 Apr 2016 21:04:29 GMT Day One: Editing on DaVinci Resolve 12.5 https://library.creativecow.net/biscardi_walter/DaVinci-Resolve-12-5/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/biscardi_walter/DaVinci-Resolve-12-5.php Blackmagic Design recently took the wraps off DaVinci Resolve 12.5. Walter Biscardi has been predicting for over a year that Blackmagic would answer many of the questions plaguing editors, and that this would be the year this tool became a full fledged non-linear editing system -- sure enough, it's Fri, 29 Apr 2016 12:48:17 GMT Exodus: Gods and Kings -- Grading Ridley Scott's 3D Epic https://library.creativecow.net/wall_kylee/Color-Grading_Nakamura-Exodus/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/wall_kylee/Color-Grading_Nakamura-Exodus.php Director Ridley Scott's latest epic 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' takes a gritty approach to a biblical story, and colorist Stephen Nakamura helped expand the realistic look by working closely with Scott and DP Dariusz Wolski ASC, and by grading the film in DaVinci Resolve 11 using new tools to help push Sat, 17 Jan 2015 00:00:00 GMT Blackmagic DaVinci Goes up to 11 https://library.creativecow.net/owens_joseph/DaVinci-Resolve-11-review/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/owens_joseph/DaVinci-Resolve-11-review.php Colorist Joseph Owens has been in the heart of postproduction for over 30 years, and has used one form or another of DaVinci Resolve for a large part of that. In his look at the latest release of what he calls the gold standard for color correction, he both covers new features, and considers the pos Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:00:00 GMT The Many Colors of A Modern Family https://library.creativecow.net/wall_kylee/Modern-Family_Aidan-Stanford/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/wall_kylee/Modern-Family_Aidan-Stanford.php Sometimes it might seem that colorists are all about stylized treatments and extreme color correction, but Aidan Stanford's work on season five of Modern Family is all about maintaining realism and hiding all the tricks in the background. Making the jump from film color timing into digital hasn't be Sun, 15 Jun 2014 20:00:00 GMT Grading Frankenweenie at Company 3 https://library.creativecow.net/kaufman_debra/Frankenweenie-Company3-Blackmagic-Design/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/kaufman_debra/Frankenweenie-Company3-Blackmagic-Design.php Colorist Rob Pizzey just finished the DI for Tim Burton's latest film, Frankenweenie, a 3D stop-motion animated tale of a boy and his deceased dog, brought back to life with the power of science. Creative COW spoke with Company 3 colorist Rob Pizzey in London about the tricks of grading a B&W movie Fri, 05 Oct 2012 15:00:33 GMT Taking a Bite out of Cookie Monster with Resolve 9 https://library.creativecow.net/salvo_juan/Cookie_Monster_Color-Grading/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/salvo_juan/Cookie_Monster_Color-Grading.php When directors Josh and Jason Diamond called Juan Salvo to color and finish “Share it Maybe,” the music video spoof of the pop hit “Call Me Maybe,” Juan knew he had the perfect tool for the job. As part of the private beta for Blackmagic Design’s Resolve 9, he was able to turn the Cookie M Fri, 24 Aug 2012 11:44:14 GMT Company 3's DI artist Stephen Nakamura on Prometheus https://library.creativecow.net/nakamura_stephen/Prometheus-DI-IMAX/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/nakamura_stephen/Prometheus-DI-IMAX.php Stephen Nakamura, one of a handful of artists who helped to pioneer DI color grading, shares his experience on creating the look for Prometheus as envisioned by director Ridley Scott. Sat, 09 Jun 2012 19:03:10 GMT DaVinci Resolve 8.2 for Microsoft Windows Enters Public Beta https://library.creativecow.net/kaufman_debra/DaVinci-Resolve-8-2_Windows/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/kaufman_debra/DaVinci-Resolve-8-2_Windows.php Microsoft Windows-based creative shops can now take advantage of DaVinci Resolve 8.2, via a public beta now available for download from Blackmagic Design, and is available both in the full-featured DaVinci Resolve 8.2 and free DaVinci Resolve Lite versions. Mon, 19 Dec 2011 19:26:25 GMT Blackmagic Design Packs a Punch with DaVinci Resolve v. 8.1 https://library.creativecow.net/kaufman_debra/DaVinci-Resolve-8-1/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/kaufman_debra/DaVinci-Resolve-8-1.php FCPX round-tripping, ACES/IIF support, AAF support for Media Composer, new conform features and additional hardware support - including new 15" MacBook Pros - are all part of a remarkable free upgrade for DaVinci Resolve. Mon, 31 Oct 2011 00:00:00 GMT DaVinci, Our 3rd Most Trafficked Forum? https://library.creativecow.net/lindeboom_ron/magazine_davinci/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/lindeboom_ron/magazine_davinci.php DaVinci is our third most trafficked forum? What other surprises are in store for you at the COW? Ronald Lindeboom addresses inspiration from the great masterminds -- if one creative mind joins with another creative mind, they create an übermind, and Non-Linear Creativity. Wed, 16 Mar 2011 16:21:00 GMT DaVinci - Rebuilding the Brand for the 21st Century https://library.creativecow.net/petty_grant/magazine-davinci/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/petty_grant/magazine-davinci.php How's this for chutzpah? The DaVinci customers at Blackmagic Design buy the company, to set it back on the right path - making big investments, expanding service while slashing fees, accelerating development, and rebuilding Da Vinci from their own experience as its customers. Thu, 15 Oct 2009 00:00:00 GMT Blackmagic & DaVinci, and What It Means https://library.creativecow.net/petty_grant/grant_petty-blackmagic-davinci/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/petty_grant/grant_petty-blackmagic-davinci.php Blackmagic founder Grant Petty says that the company's purchase of DaVinci systems actually fits exactly what they have done all along: build the kinds of products they have needed for their own postproduction business, and being the kind of company they'd want to do business with. While important d Tue, 15 Sep 2009 20:46:45 GMT Cinefilm's Ron Anderson: da Vinci User Since 1986 https://library.creativecow.net/wilson_tim/blackmagic-design_buys_davinci_pt3/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/wilson_tim/blackmagic-design_buys_davinci_pt3.php In this article, Tim Wilson talks with da Vinci user Ron Anderson in his Part Three look at Blackmagic Design's acquisition of da Vinci Systems. Ron Anderson’s relationship with da Vinci has also taken places over several decades, starting as a customer, and evolving into demo artistry even while Tue, 08 Sep 2009 23:39:41 GMT Blackmagic Design Buys the Power of daVinci: Part 2 https://library.creativecow.net/wilson_tim/blackmagic_buys_davinci_pt2/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/wilson_tim/blackmagic_buys_davinci_pt2.php In this article, Tim Wilson continues his series with his Part Two look at the big news leaking from IBC 2009. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems and with that acquisition comes what Tim refers to as The Power of da Vinci. And for the many that have used da Vinci over the years, they kn Tue, 08 Sep 2009 23:17:01 GMT Blackmagic Design Buys DaVinci: Part 1 https://library.creativecow.net/wilson_tim/blackmagic-design_buys_davinci_pt1/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/wilson_tim/blackmagic-design_buys_davinci_pt1.php In this article, Tim Wilson begins his series on the big news already beginning to leak from IBC 2009. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems and yes, you read that right. BMD owns and will be developing and marketing da Vinci's award-winning colorgrading technology. What's in store? Here's Tue, 08 Sep 2009 22:54:40 GMT A Letter From Grant Petty https://library.creativecow.net/lindeboom_ron/bmd_buys_davinci/1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/lindeboom_ron/bmd_buys_davinci.php The fastest breaking news that is sure to rifle through IBC the quickest? Well, for starters, try this announcement from Blackmagic Design, who have acquired DaVinci Systems, the pioneering color system that for many years has been one of the dream systems in the marketplace. In the letter to employ Tue, 08 Sep 2009 18:19:06 GMT