Michael Park : Creative COW Library https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael Michael Park's library of tutorials, articles, reviews and more for media professionals world wide. en-us Sat, 24 Aug 2019 23:00:00 GMT PHP Script webmaster@creativecow.net webmaster@creativecow.net Particular Basic Training Session FOUR: Sticky Snow https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-04-Snow.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-04-Snow.php In this fourth tutorial in the Particular Basic training series, Michael Park answers a user's forum question on how to accumulate particles on 2d footage using Particular. He will demonstrate a very handy technique to create an interactive layer perfectly tailored to the background elements and the Wed, 08 Feb 2012 20:25:05 GMT Particular Basic Training Session THREE: The 3D Starfield https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-03-Starfield.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-03-Starfield.php In this third installment of the Particular Basic Training series, Michael Park will show how to use Particular to create a realistic 3d star field for all of your animation needs. Along the way, he will use and explore some features of Particular including motion blue, high dynamic range, and the p Fri, 30 Dec 2011 23:00:43 GMT Particular Basic Training Session TWO: The Stargate Wormhole https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-02-Wormhole.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-02-Wormhole.php In this second Particular basic training tutorial, Michael Park will demonstrate how to recreate a portion of the wormhole sequence from the movie "Stargate" using Trapcode Particular and Adobe After Effects. Along the way, he will discuss some of the nuances of the wind and gravity forces Tue, 18 Oct 2011 11:15:53 GMT Particular Basic Training Session ONE: The Fountain https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-01.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Particular-Training-01.php In this tutorial, Michael Park will teach some basic skills for using Trapcode Particular by creating jets of water using particles to enhance a still image of a fountain. In doing so, he will explain some critical features of Particular and new features of Particular 2.0 while using some built-in e Thu, 13 Oct 2011 21:32:45 GMT Creating the Matrix Bullet Effect using 3D Studio Max https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/3D-Studio-Max_Matrix-Bullet.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/3D-Studio-Max_Matrix-Bullet.php In this tutorial, Michael Park will demonstrate how to recreate the famous bullet trail effect from the Matrix. While this is an older effect, the principles and techniques can apply to a number of other effects. Mike will demonstrate how to use Particle Flow with instanced geometry to create the bu Fri, 11 Feb 2011 22:51:27 GMT Creating a 3d Winter Scene with Photoshop and Particular https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Winter-Scene.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Winter-Scene.php In this video tutorial, Michael Park spreads a little Holiday cheer by creating a stylized Winter scene, complete with true 3d text and a forest of trees. Along the way, Mike will demonstrate how to create 3d text inside of Photoshop, and then import and integrate and animate that text in After Effe Tue, 07 Dec 2010 20:37:53 GMT Trapcode Particular: Fall Transition Effect https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Fall-Transition-Effect.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Fall-Transition-Effect.php In this tutorial, Michael Park will demonstrate how to create a festive fall transition using some leaf textures along with Trapcode Particular. He will show how the new capabilities of Particular 2.0, including true 3d rotation and dynamic interaction with lights, can make a simple linear wipe inte Tue, 23 Nov 2010 17:19:46 GMT Text to Sand using Particular https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/particular_text-to-sand.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/particular_text-to-sand.php In this video tutorial, Michael Park demonstrates how to use Trapcode Particular to turn text into sand. During the process, he will show both how to make the text blow away like find dust into the wind, or drop onto a floor layer like heavier sand. This tutorial was made in order to answer a questi Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:18:20 GMT Creating the Harry Potter Lumos Effect https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Lumos-Effect.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Lumos-Effect.php In this video tutorial, Michael Park will demonstrate how to recreate the famous Lumos spell effect as seen in the Harry Potter films, using only the built in capabilities of After Effects. Thu, 14 Oct 2010 22:50:30 GMT Underwater Bullet Trails with Trapcode Particular https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/underwater-bullet.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/underwater-bullet.php Using After Effects and Trapcode Particular, Michael Park demonstrates how to take a simple picture of a bullet, and step-by-step, create an underwater environment with lead flying everywhere. Along the way, various aspects of Particular will be explored and explained. Thu, 12 Aug 2010 00:00:00 GMT Bessie Potter https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Bessie_Potter.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/Bessie_Potter.php In this video tutorial, Creative Cow contributing editor Michael Park demonstrates how to make a dark, cloudy Title reveal similar to the one seen in the Movie Which Must Not Be Named. All textures and fonts are available in the project download as well as the final CS4 project file. Sat, 19 Sep 2009 22:22:15 GMT Creating a Waterfall https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/waterfall.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/waterfall.php In this video tutorial, Creative Cow leader Michael Park demonstrates how to create a waterfall using After Effects and Trapcode Particular. This tutorial is in response to a couple of posts on the Trapcode Forum of CreativeCOW.net looking for this type of effect. This tutorial uses Particular 2.0, Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:07:13 GMT Creating a Realistic 3d Earth using only AE https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/3d_Earth.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/3d_Earth.php In this video tutorial, Creative Cow leader Michael Park shows you how to create a realistic 3d earth, complete with clouds and atmosphere, using only After Effects' built in effects. Special attention will be given to combining multiple instances of the CC Sphere effect to create unique layers with Sat, 07 Mar 2009 00:00:00 GMT Modeling the New James Bond Introduction https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/CC_Bond_3dMax_tutorial.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/CC_Bond_3dMax_tutorial.php In this video tutorial, Creative Cow leader Michael Park shows you how to recreate the opening gun barrel sequence from the two newest James Bond movies in 3d Studio Max using the default scanline renderer, minimal modeling, and only standard materials. Mon, 22 Dec 2008 20:20:02 GMT Creating The 007 Intro https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/007_Intro.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/007_Intro.php In this video tutorial, Creative Cow leader Michael Park shows you how to achieve that classic introduction to all of the James Bond films using only basic After Effects plugins. Sun, 21 Dec 2008 00:00:00 GMT Creating Advanced Glitter using Expressions with Trapcode Particular https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/advanced_glitter.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/advanced_glitter.php In this tutorial, Creative Cow leader, Michael Park, demonstrates another, more advanced method for creating shimmering glitter particles using Trapcodes Particular. The main advancement is the implementation of 3d rotation of the glitter particles, as well as using expressions to convert the rotati Wed, 09 Apr 2008 07:00:00 GMT Creating Shimmering Glitter using Trapcode Particular https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/glitter.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/glitter.php In this tutorial, Creative Cow leader, Michael Park, demonstrates how to simulate shimmering glitter particles using fractal noise, colorama effect and Trapcodes Particular plugin. Thu, 03 Apr 2008 07:00:00 GMT Creating a Shotgun Blast using 3ds Max and AE: Part 2 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/shotgun_2.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/shotgun_2.php In part two of his shotgun tutorial, Michael Park will demonstrate how to incorporate the 3d footage together with 2d footage in After effects and use different filters to create the distortion surrounding the blast from the barrel of the shotgun and the air distortion trailing the individual shotgu Fri, 28 Mar 2008 07:00:00 GMT Creating a Shotgun Blast using 3ds Max and AE: Part 1 https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/shotgun_1.php https://library.creativecow.net/articles/park_michael/shotgun_1.php Many people are interested in creating and incorporating 3d generated footage into live action. In this 2 part tutorial, Michael Park will demonstrate how to create a shotgun blast at the camera using 3d rendered particles and distortion trails along with some 2d footage to create a convincing effec Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:00:00 GMT