Marco Solorio : Creative COW Library Marco Solorio's library of tutorials, articles, reviews and more for media professionals world wide. en-us Wed, 16 Jan 2019 16:00:00 GMT PHP Script Video, Audio, VFX, & Finishing: The Hybrid Suite Revealed! Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media takes us into his newly built suite, which he refers to as the “hybrid suite”, combing editorial, color grading, and audio mixing in one harmonious environment. Installation affordability is this suite's undertone where today's industries are in tight financial cl Fri, 14 Sep 2018 18:04:24 GMT Fairlight + Resolve, Part 1: The DAWn of a Resolved Era Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media gives an introductory overview to the rebirth of the Fairlight digital audio workstation (DAW) that is now part of Blackmagic Design’s powerful DaVinci Resolve post-production system. Is this finally the solution to break away from the Pro Tools stronghold? Wed, 17 May 2017 07:11:54 GMT The Blackmagic Cinema Camera: In Production and Comparison Calling the Blackmagic Cinema Camera "eagerly anticipated" is an understatement. This camera priced at only $2995 has offered the promise of something truly special since it was announced. OneRiver Media owner Marco Solorio has spent 20 years living just ahead of the curve for both technol Tue, 25 Sep 2012 19:17:50 GMT The Blackmagic Cinema Camera: Can It Run with the Big Boys Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media takes another look into Blackmagic Design's new Cinema Camera to see how this camera further excels. With the camera sporting 13 stops of dynamic range through a 12-bit RAW data structure, there's one aspect of production where it truly might be able to hang with the Wed, 20 Jun 2012 00:00:00 GMT Is the New Blackmagic Cinema Camera the HDSLR Killer? Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media dissects Blackmagic Design's new Cinema Camera to see if it is in fact, the much-anticipated HDSLR-killer everyone's been waiting for over the years. But with a comparatively smaller sensor size and radical body design, does it fit the bill as the killer we all want? Wed, 18 Apr 2012 00:00:00 GMT HDSLRs for Video: Beyond the Hype There has been an amazing amount of chatter around the HD video capabilities of recent still cameras - if they can still be called that! Rather than play into the hupe of what MIGHT be possible with these cameras, Creative COW Magazine Contributing Editor Marco Solorio takes you inside the real worl Tue, 16 Mar 2010 17:34:58 GMT Time Lapse Video Secrets: HD and Beyond with your Digital Camera You already know that your digital camera has higher-than-HD resolution -- even higher than film res sometimes -- and the pictures can look amazing. It turns out that your still camera actually works better than an HD video camera for creating time-lapse photography. Marco Solorio tells you how to p Wed, 10 Oct 2007 07:00:00 GMT Interlacing Progressive Footage Weve all heard of de-interlacing footage, but what about re-interlacing? Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media shows us how -- and why -- to create interlaced footage from a progressive source. The results are picture perfect! Mon, 10 Sep 2007 07:00:00 GMT Audio Techniques for Video Editors Are you a video editor hoping to add more richness to your audio? In the world of video editing, its not uncommon for video editors to rely on others to perform audio post production on their projects. But in this article, well focus on ways that you can get better audio without having others do it Sat, 13 May 2006 18:01:01 GMT TBC Crossfire X-K3 Non-linear Editing Console With people continually asking, "what edit desk do you use?" here at the COW forums, Creative Cow forum leader, Marco Solorio hopes to settle this question once and for all with his in-depth review of TBC's Crossfire X-K3 edit console. If you're in the market for a new editor's console or Fri, 25 Feb 2005 08:00:00 GMT Marco Solorio reviews Post Holes Prematted Stock Clips Don't have time or budget to shoot various people in a blue or green screen studio cyk? Also don't have the time or the software to create a perfect chromakey and/or rotoscope to pull that perfect matte? If this is the case, Post Holes may be the solution you're looking for. Marco Solorio reviews th Mon, 14 Feb 2005 08:00:00 GMT Marco Solorio reviews Nattress Standards Conversion Plugin In this review, Marco Solorio shares his real-world experience using the Nattress Standard Conversion Plugin set. Low-cost software doesn't always mean low-quality results and this software breaks the myth to the Nth degree. Read this review and discover how amazed Marco was with his initial results Thu, 26 Aug 2004 07:00:00 GMT Color Correction for Final Cut Pro If anyone is familiar with Digital Film Tree, you'll know they accomplished quite a few tasks under their Sunset Boulevard compounds. DFT is also popular for their in-house training courses in Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools. Combine this with their other assortment of training videos and you have a Tue, 18 Nov 2003 08:00:00 GMT Marco Solorio reviews: RE:Vision Effects, ReelSmart Twixtor with FieldsKit Deinterlacer Looking at traditional methods of time-remapping, frame-rate conversions and other Sun, 15 Dec 2002 08:00:00 GMT Marco Solorio reviews: Synthetic Aperture's Color Finesse v1.0.4 Don't have the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a DaVinci color-correction system? But you do have After Effects? In a jaw-dropping review of Synthetic Aperture's 'Color Finesse,' Marco Solorio shows how Color Finesse far surpasses the capabilities of standard color correction tools -- as well a Wed, 27 Nov 2002 08:00:00 GMT Creative Cow meets a Flying Cow CreativeCOW leader, Marco Solorio reviews the Flying Cow. Whether you need digital audio conversion for your NLE video system, or your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), the Flying Cow will please even the most bovine shoppers. Sat, 03 Aug 2002 07:00:00 GMT AJA Kona SD v2.1 CreativeCOW leader, Marco Solorio reviews the new AJA Kona SD v. 2.1. For those seeking the latest uncompressed capture card for your Final Cut Pro system, this may be the answer you're looking for. With version 2.1 in public release, this system has unique features that other capture cards can only Thu, 01 Aug 2002 07:00:00 GMT A little animated about 24p? For those of us that are still ''young at heart'' and watch cartoons on TV, you'll notice that even today many animations are still hand drawn at 24 Frames Per Second (FPS) or 24 ''fips'' as it's sometimes referred. In this article, Marco Solorio explains why this time old honored technique can stil Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:00:00 GMT Capture Cards and Codecs Thinking of going uncompressed? Well this article focuses on the different uncompressed hardware solutions available for Final Cut Pro. Marco Solorio attempts to answers questions such as: ''What Capture card should I buy and do I even NEED an uncompressed system?'' Also included is a side by side e Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:00:00 GMT