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Adobe After Effects
Perspective Corner Pin EffectPerspective Corner Pin Effect

In this Tutorial, Creative Cow Leader Aharon Rabinowitz shows you a complete workflow for using Imagineer Systems Mocha with Adobe After Effects to create a perspective corner pin effect - an effect typically used for sign replacement or compositing video on a computer or television screen. Even if youre not using After Effects as your compositing application, you will still find the lesson extremely useful, as it focuses almost entirely on the use of Mochas powerful 2.5D planar tracking system. After Effects users not using Mocha will also find some of the compositing tips at the end very helpful as well.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Aharon Rabinowitz
Adobe Premiere Pro basics
Premiere Pro CS6: 69 Color 22 The Filmic Blend TechniquePremiere Pro CS6: 69 Color 22 The Filmic Blend Technique

In this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows how to use the filmic blend technique that helps to make video look more like film thus making your final production look much richer. This technique is a must for wedding videotographers.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects
3D from 2D Image Using Displacement Maps3D from 2D Image Using Displacement Maps

In this video tutorial Tudor "Ted" Jelescu shows how to create 3D / 2.5D movement from a 2D image using displacement maps in Adobe After Effects. He uses similar techniques as Mathew Fuller's "Advanced 2.5D Animation in AE" tutorial to pull depth from 2D images. Tudor uses FreeForm and displacement maps to be able to have a different camera move, one that rotates around the subject.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Tudor Jelescu
TV & Movie Appreciation
Pixels: Going From 8-bits to Epic is No GamePixels: Going From 8-bits to Epic is No Game

Classic video game characters like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong sent by aliens to destroy Earth? No worries! Digital Domain and Sony Pictures Imageworks are on the case. It turns out that integrating 8-bit characters into a world recognizable as our own is a lot harder than it looks. It was also a lot of fun for everyone involved, and hearing about it from the two VFX supervisors will be a lot of fun for you too.

Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Apple Motion
Apple Motion 5: Science Fiction-Style Glitchy InterferenceApple Motion 5: Science Fiction-Style Glitchy Interference

You've seen the effect: video noise and glitchy interference, now a staple of contemporary sci-fi visuals. Simon Ubsdell shows you how to build it yourself inside Apple Motion 5, with no plug-ins or third-party software!

Simon Ubsdell
Adobe Audition, Soundbooth
Audio Problems: Balancing Speech LevelsAudio Problems: Balancing Speech Levels

Have you ever had to deal with audio levels from your talent which are all over the place? One moment they are almost shouting and the next nearly whispering and you are nearly pulling your hair out trying to get the levels to a point where they can be heard and used in your final production? Well, this tutorial is for you! A brand new tool in Audition CS5.5 makes balancing speech audio levels a piece of cake, saving you hours of work and worry. In this tutorial Andrew Devis will go through the work-flow from Premiere Pro to Audition and show how to apply this new effect and work with the settings. This is going to be one of those little effects that you wondered how you ever coped without! This tutorial is for the Production Premium or Master Suite CS5.5 or later.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects CS6 can apply its new 3D Camera Tracker to extruded 3D Text of course. Rich Harrington will also show you how to use these tools, while also highlighting new 3D features including the new Ray-traced 3D engine and advanced lighting options.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Richard Harrington
Adobe Premiere Pro
Color Correction 2: Primary Colour CorrectionColor Correction 2: Primary Colour Correction

The fast color corrector is one of the main (and fastest to render) color correction tools in Premiere Pro's arsenal of color tools and an essential tool for all video editors to master. In this tutorial Andrew Devis will show you how to remove a color cast from a video clip manually and with automated tool. Andrew will then show you how to use the automated levels controls to get the right contrast balance for your clip.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Apple Motion
Kinetic Typography in Apple MotionKinetic Typography in Apple Motion

In this Apple Motion video tutorial, contributing editor Stephen Smith shows you how to get your text noticed. This tutorial shows you the ins and outs of kinetic typography, otherwise known as moving text. Plus, Stephen will take you beyond just learning how to use Motion and show you key text characteristics.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Stephen Smith
Adobe Premiere Pro
How to use Sync Lock & Target TracksHow to use Sync Lock & Target Tracks

When inserting new clips into your timeline from the source panel, often the new clips don't go where you want them to go. They may also interfere with other clips already in your timeline. In this Premiere Pro video tutorial you will learn how to make certain new clips go exactly where you want them to go, and how to ensure they don't cut-up or interfere with clips already in your timeline.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects Expressions
In The Loop - A Killer ExpressionIn The Loop - A Killer Expression

A detailed explanation and demonstration of the uses of the loop expression in After Effects. Examining the loopOut(), loopIn(), loopInDuration(), loopOutDuration() commands and their "ping pong", "cycle" and "continue" modes.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Matthew Tompkins
Art of the Edit
Editor Bryan Capri Talks Cutting Lifetime TV MoviesEditor Bryan Capri Talks Cutting Lifetime TV Movies

Editor Bryan Capri's shift from editing corporate training videos and independent films to crafting TV movies for SyFy and Lifetime was no accident: hard work and a positive attitude were everything as he found himself cutting films and designing workflows for major networks.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Kylee Wall
TV & Movie Appreciation
Lawrence of Arabia: Sony's Beautiful 4K RestorationLawrence of Arabia: Sony's Beautiful 4K Restoration

Sony Pictures Entertainment recently finished a 3-year process culminating in a stunning 4K restoration of the 1962 masterpiece Lawrence of Arabia, completed just in time for the film's 50th anniversary. Guided by Sony Executive Vice President Grover Crisp, this massive project engaged cutting-edge technology and expertise from Sony Colorworks DI facility as well as Prasad Corporation and MTI Film, working together on a newly scanned negative. One of the most beautiful films of all time is now more gorgeous than ever.

Debra Kaufman
Adobe Premiere Pro
Changing Audio From Stereo to Dual MonoChanging Audio From Stereo to Dual Mono

Sometimes when you record you use different microphones on each audio channel of your camera. But, when you get into Premiere Pro, you find that you have one stereo channel and not two mono channels and so you can't edit them as you would like! So how can you change a single stereo channel into two mono channels? In this quick tip tutorial, Andrew Devis demonstrates how to make that change into two mono channels or even two 5.1 channels, as well as how to change a mono track into a stereo track and how to use the preferences to make it automatic if you have lots of clips changing from one thing to another.Changing

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
TV & Movie Appreciation
Milk's Epic VFX For Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellMilk's Epic VFX For Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the acclaimed bestselling epic novel of magical realism set 200 years ago, was adapted by the BBC to a 7-episode miniseries that was itself quite epic, with over 1000 effects shots handled by London's Milk VFX. Creative COW's Tim Wilson spoke with Milk CEO Will Cohen about his team's work on the series, starting with his own enthusiasm as a fan of the novel. To use that word once more, it's an epic conversation about adapting novels, carefully managing budgeted creativity, and collaboration. Books, televised cinematic storytelling, VFX, good conversation, and magic: if any of those is your cup of tea, you won't want to miss this.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Distributing Creativity: The Growth of Cloud-based WorkflowsDistributing Creativity: The Growth of Cloud-based Workflows

The cloud can mean a lot of things, and in some cases, it can mean nearly nothing. This can make it hard to even know what we're talking about. The "real" parts are getting more real all the time, though, for everything from collaboration to computation. Creative COW Contributing Editor Kylee Wall has been looking into the ways that the cloud in its many meanings is already transforming TV & film production today, and she has some ideas about where things might be going from here.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Kylee Wall
Technology 2014 | Production, Post & Beyond: Part ONETechnology 2014 | Production, Post & Beyond: Part ONE

What were the big technology trends in media and entertainment over the past year? What's going to be significant in the coming year? Those are questions that many of us are asking, so we went to some of our savviest Creative COW contributors to ask their opinions of where we've been and where we're going. Here in Part 1, we offer an overview of their perspectives. (See Part 2 for their additional insights.)

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
Adobe Premiere Pro
RE:Match Non-matching Cameras in Premiere ProRE:Match Non-matching Cameras in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial Andrew Devis demonstrates a relatively new plug-in by RE:Vision Effects called RE:Match and how it can very quickly and accurately deal with the very common problem of non-matching cameras in Premiere Pro. A typical approach to dealing with say a white balance issue would be to apply the fast color corrector and use the white balance picker, but this can be very hit and miss, while RE:Match deals with the whole image using another image or clip as the reference to match too. This very powerful effect can save a great deal of time for an everyday problem and so earn its cost back very quickly as well as giving excellent and fast results. There is another tutorial showing how this effect works in After Effects as there is a slightly different way the two applications deal with reference images.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Restoring Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver in Sony 4K Digital CinemaRestoring Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver in Sony 4K Digital Cinema

As a landmark in American film history celebrates 35 years, Sony Pictures Entertainment leads a cutting-edge 4K restoration for Blu-ray and limited theatrical re-release. Debra Kaufman joins the COW team with an exclusive in-depth article describing the restoration of Taxi Driver in Sony 4K Digital Cinema for its 35th anniversary.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
Adobe Premiere Pro
Premiere Pro Video Adrenaline: Correcting Lens DistortionPremiere Pro Video Adrenaline: Correcting Lens Distortion

In this tutorial for the Premiere Pro Video Adrenaline series, Richard Harrington explores lens correction, a feature that shows integration between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop Extended.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Richard Harrington
Adobe Premiere Pro
Dynamic Link for the Premiere Pro WorkflowDynamic Link for the Premiere Pro Workflow

Dynamic link allows you to use the power of After Effects in Premiere Pro, but it is something that many people do not understand and so it is under-used. However, with dynamic link you can bring the power of motion graphics to your titles in PP with hardly any effort at all. In this tutorial Andrew Devis will explain the basics of dynamic link and then show you how to start a new AE composition in PP and use powerful motion graphic templates to animate your text. He then covers how to replace an item in your sequence with a new AE composition (i.e. a title) and lastly, how to use dynamic link to take the whole thing into Encore ready to make your DVD - all without rendering. However, please note the following: Dynamic Link only works with the Production Premium and the Master Suites. IT DOES NOT WORK ON STAND-ALONE PRODUCTS!

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects
Creating a Light SaberCreating a Light Saber

In this video tutorial from you will learn how to create a light saber. Surprisingly enough, this is something that is still being asked about in the Adobe After Effects forum.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Kramer
Adobe After Effects
Creating the Juno Opening Credits LookCreating the Juno Opening Credits Look

The independent film Juno featured one of the most distincitive opening credit sequences in recent memory. It has a wonderful handmade look - which it turned out was created by hand! Whether you have seen Juno or not, Cow leader Simon Bonner shows a much easier way to create unique, handcrafted looks, without the pain.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Simon Bonner
Adobe Flash
How to Create an Animated 3D LogoHow to Create an Animated 3D Logo

In this Flash tutorial, Lee Brimelow will show you how to take a shape drawn in Adobe Illustrator and use it to create a 3D Flash logo animation using Swift 3D.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Lee Brimelow
NAB Show
The Social Media at NABThe Social Media at NAB

Finding the latest gadgetry and innovative technological advances at NAB Show is a great reason to converge with 98,000 or so of your closest friends and colleagues. Tech aside (and there was some COOL tech), social media has made a tremendous impact on the way we visit NAB - a subject that Walter Biscardi Jr. found intriguing.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Walter Biscardi

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