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RE:Vision Effects
Twixtor Basics in Sony VegasTwixtor Basics in Sony Vegas

This video tutorial shows The Basics on how to use Twixtor in Sony Vegas. It covers the basic retiming concepts as well as animating keyframes.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Lori Freitag
Art of the Edit
FuseFX Applies Military Muscle to FX's TyrantFuseFX Applies Military Muscle to FX's Tyrant

VFX Supervisor Ted Rae and team are applying their artistry to a jihadist war drama.

Editorial, Feature
COW News
TV & Movie Appreciation
The Walk: Largest Use of Cloud Computing in Film HistoryThe Walk: Largest Use of Cloud Computing in Film History

Award-winning VFX Company Joins UPP and Rodeo FX to Recapture the Legendary Walk Between the World Trade Center Towers. Lead VFX vendor Atomic Fiction needed a more efficient way to do the compute-intensive, and traditionally very expensive, processes of rendering. The company used their cloud-based software Conductor, which allows artists to offload the processing from their own computers and send it to the cloud. By the end of the project, Atomic Fiction had completed 9.1 million hours of processing in the cloud, which equates to over a millennium of processing time!

Editorial, Feature
Shaina Ostroff
Behind the Lens: Game of Thrones with Anette HaellmigkBehind the Lens: Game of Thrones with Anette Haellmigk

Cinematographer Anette Haellmigk shot two episodes of Season 3's Game of Thrones, the HBO blockbuster that returns on March 31. A native of Germany, Haellmigk was the 2012 winner of Kodak's Vision Award from Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards. A pioneering woman cinematographer, Anette's resume includes Das Boot, Robocop, Starship Troopers, Total Recall, The West Wing and many more. Haellmigk speaks to Creative COW about her path as a pioneering female cinematographer and her work on Game of Thrones.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Anette Haellmigk
Adobe Premiere Pro
Spicing up your Titles in Premiere ProSpicing up your Titles in Premiere Pro

In this video tutorial Andrew Devis teaches how to format your text, add shapes and generally make your titles more interesting in Premiere Pro.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
NAB Show
Creative COW NAB Show 2016 News: Wednesday EditionCreative COW NAB Show 2016 News: Wednesday Edition

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the the industry's most comprehensive coverage of the 2016 NAB Show. Some of the companies with especially wide-ranging presentations including AJA, ARRI, and Blackmagic Design, with the latest news from hundreds of other companies in cameras and support gear, storage, archiving, broadcast, 4K, and much much more.

COW News
NAB Show
Creative COW 2016 NAB Show News: Tuesday Edition, April 19Creative COW 2016 NAB Show News: Tuesday Edition, April 19

Welcome to Tuesday's edition of the the industry's most comprehensive coverage of the 2016 NAB Show. Some of the companies with especially wide-ranging presentations including AJA, ARRI, and Blackmagic Design, with the latest news from hundreds of other companies in cameras and support gear, storage, archiving, broadcast, 4K, and much much more.

Cow News
Blackmagic Design Fusion
Blackmagic Design Fusion 8 Intro Tutorial: Fusion ReactorBlackmagic Design Fusion 8 Intro Tutorial: Fusion Reactor

Blackmagic Design Fusion has long been known as an incredibly powerful node-based 3D compositing and VFX environment, responsible for some of the most indelible cinematic imagery of our time. Tokyo Productions Creative Director Simon Ubsdell has been a Fusion fan and user for years, and here provides a dramatic introduction to Fusion's interface and toolset, as well as a closer look at the motion graphics prowess in Fusion that you may not have been expecting!

Simon Ubsdell
Adobe Premiere Pro
Color Correction 1: Brightness & ContrastColor Correction 1: Brightness & Contrast

The temptation is always to choose the easiest tool in the box when sometimes another tool will do an much better job! In this Premiere Pro tutorial Andrew Devis will show you how to avoid using the dreaded brightness & contrast tool and damaging your shot in the process! Andrew will show you the correct tool to choose so that the full dynamic range is preserved and your shot looks great when you need to brighten it or change the contrast.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Business & Marketing
Creative COW Turns 15! A Celebration of Being UncoolCreative COW Turns 15! A Celebration of Being Uncool

15 years is a long time on the internet! Travel back with us to the days before YouTube, social media, digital cinema, smartphones, iPods and all the rest, back to the founding of Creative COW by Ronald & Kathlyn Lindeboom in April 2001. Join us for an insider's look at the earliest days of the professional digital video revolution, all the way through the events that have shaped the world's largest community of media professionals, right here at Creative COW.

Editorial, Feature
Tim Wilson
Adobe Premiere Pro
The 'Default Scale to Frame Size' Preference OptionThe 'Default Scale to Frame Size' Preference Option

The 'Default Scale to Frame Size' preference can cause some confusion as it is not always obvious how it works, and how it affects footage in your project. In this brief Premiere Pro tutorial, Andrew Devis explains what effect the preference has on your footage and why things may not always seem to act in the way you think they should when this preference is or isn't selected.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe Premiere Pro basics
Premiere Pro Techniques: 110 Preset & Custom Lumetri LooksPremiere Pro Techniques: 110 Preset & Custom Lumetri Looks

In this tutorial, Andrew Devis goes through a new option that will be coming with the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro called Lumetri Looks - which gives you the option to apply .Look files created in Adobe SpeedGrade directly to your footage in Premiere Pro. While this option at first glance seems to only offer the ability to apply presets already created, there is also a way in which you can create your own grades in SpeedGrade, save them as .Look files and then apply those custom grades to your footage or to an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro CS_Next. In this tutorial, Andrew shows the new option and how it may be used with SpeedGrade CS_Next to create, save and apply your own custom looks.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects
3D Dance Show in After Effects3D Dance Show in After Effects

When Ari Grunzeweig needed to create a dynamic promo, he turned to a remarkable combination of keyed footage, particles, and the dynamic 3D compositing and cameras in Adobe After Effects to build a virtual world exploding with dance and light. Take a look to see how to build your own 3D world in After Effects.

Tutorial, Feature
Ari Grunzeweig
Adobe Premiere Pro
Rolling Titles in Adobe Premiere ProRolling Titles in Adobe Premiere Pro

There are some special tricks that once you know will make your scrolling credits easy to make and look really professional. In this tutorial I show the tricks and hints for rolling credits.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
TV & Movie Appreciation
Milk's Epic VFX For Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellMilk's Epic VFX For Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the acclaimed bestselling epic novel of magical realism set 200 years ago, was adapted by the BBC to a 7-episode miniseries that was itself quite epic, with over 1000 effects shots handled by London's Milk VFX. Creative COW's Tim Wilson spoke with Milk CEO Will Cohen about his team's work on the series, starting with his own enthusiasm as a fan of the novel. To use that word once more, it's an epic conversation about adapting novels, carefully managing budgeted creativity, and collaboration. Books, televised cinematic storytelling, VFX, good conversation, and magic: if any of those is your cup of tea, you won't want to miss this.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Adobe After Effects basics
Morphing In After EffectsMorphing In After Effects

Morphing is a distinctive effect that is best known from the movie Terminator 2 as well as the Michael Jackson music video Black and White. In this tutorial, Chris Zwar demonstrates simple morphs with the Reshape filter in Adobe After Effects 5.5 -- which is a Production Bundle only effect found under the Distort menu.

Chris Zwar
Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate
Apple FCPX and the Making Of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Rather than a story about editing software, this is a story about Apple Final Cut Pro X from a filmmaker’s perspective: specifically, how keeping as much VFX and audio temp work as possible inside FCPX during production helped allow Glenn Ficarra and John Requa to open up new options and saved weeks of production time in the making of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the new wartime comedy starring Tina Fey.

Editorial, Feature
Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Editing Star Wars: The Force AwakensEditing Star Wars: The Force Awakens

On Star Wars: The Force Awakens brings the latest collaboration of Mary Jo Markey, ACE and Maryann Brandon, ACE​ once again collaborated with J.J. Abrams, following their previous successes with him on pictures including Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, Mission Impossible III, Super 8, and the TV series Alias. Here, they tell us about putting together this new instant classic.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Adobe Premiere Pro
Balancing Audio Levels for Multiple ClipsBalancing Audio Levels for Multiple Clips

You have lots of clips in your timeline which are all different volumes. How do you quickly match the volume of all the clips so that they are all matched? This quick tutorial will show you the tricks to know in Premiere Pro and Soundbooth to get the job done!

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects Expressions
After Effects Expressions SimplifiedAfter Effects Expressions Simplified

In this After Effects tutorial from The Creative COW Magazine, see through the confusion of After Effects Expressions with just a few simple steps.

Andrew Kramer
Adobe After Effects
Creating & Using Masks in After EffectsCreating & Using Masks in After Effects

This tutorial was made as a direct request from a former user of Final Cut Pro who wanted to know how to mask in an efficient way in After Effects. Andrew demonstrates the tools to quickly create masks in After Effects along with the keyboard short cuts needed to make the process quick and efficient. Then, Andrew shows how to take the masks that have been created and use them on other layers so that only the masked areas are selected by using the exact same information as produced with the original mask. Note, this technique also respects any animation that may have been applied to the original mask while leaving the ability to change the mask's size, opacity and feathering as needed.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects
Shape Layer Tip #3: Trim PathsShape Layer Tip #3: Trim Paths

In this video tutorial, Creative Cow leader Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to use shape layers to easily create that Old-School look where a red dashed line animates over a map to indicate travel destinations.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Aharon Rabinowitz
Adobe After Effects basics
Pan and Zoom with After EffectsPan and Zoom with After Effects

Pan and Zoom. In this tutorial, Matt Dallos will cover the preparation of your images, the basic theory behind making them move, real world examples, and a few ideas about how this effect can be extended to other and more advanced applications.

Matt Dallos
Adobe After Effects
AE: Inverse Kinematic Character AnimationAE: Inverse Kinematic Character Animation

Standard character animation in After Effects uses a process called 'Forward Kinematics' in that we animate down a linked chain - for example, upper arm linked to forearm linked to hand. To get animation we need to move the items down the chain one at a time. Inverse Kinematics creates a link back up the chain such that moving the hand would also move the forearm and the upper arm without breaking that link. This is a simpler and easier to control form of animation often used in 3D programs such as C4D and 3ds max etc. and allows us to control the animation for the complete chain through a single controller.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Navigating the Land Mine of Centralized Media StorageNavigating the Land Mine of Centralized Media Storage

Storage and media asset management are probably the biggest category you will find on the NAB floor in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Dennis Kutchera guides you with past experience how to Navigate the Land Mine of Centralized Media Storage in the Post-Production Storage Wars.

Editorial, Feature
Dennis Kutchera

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