Crime and Chaos - Part 1
Crime and Chaos - Part 1
A CreativeCOW After Effects Video Tutorial

CreativeCOW presents Crime and Chaos - Part 1--Video Training by Eran Stern

Eran Stern Eran Stern

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In this video tutorial, Creative Cow Contributing Editor Eran Stern shows you a how to build a 3D scene using Photoshop CS3 Vanishing Point and re-light it inside After Effects.

Motion Design with Adobe After Effects by Eran Stern And be sure to check out the Cow Master Series DVD,
Motion Design with Adobe After Effects by Eran Stern
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NEW!! Eran Stern is the co-host of the Creative Cow AE podcast and author of some of the web's most popular AE tutorials. In this 5-hour DVD, he'll help you explore the true depths of After Effects. Combining his unique sense of humor and serious AE chops, Eran will teach you how to bring a project from concept to completion.

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