Creating a Droplet
A CreativeCOW Photoshop Video Tutorial

CreativeCOW presents Adobe Photoshop Creating a Droplet -- Video Training

Richard Harrington Richard Harrington
Washington, District of Columbia USA

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Article Focus:
In this Photoshop tutorial, Richard Harrington gives some free tips on how to create a droplet with Adobe Photoshop. A droplet is an executable Photoshop action that is a mini application stored on your computer that allows you to drag and drop an image, multiple images, or folders of images onto the droplet to have Photoshop launch and batch process the images using the predefined actions. The Interlace Flicker Removal action is used in this example to batch process some tiff files. Also covered in this tutorial is using the Image Processor script to convert JPG to TIFF files for better batch processing.

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