Secondary Color Correction with Curves
A CreativeCOW Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorial

CreativeCOW presents Adobe Photoshop Secondary Color Correction with Curves -- Video Training

Richard Harrington Richard Harrington
Washington, District of Columbia USA

©2008 Richard Harrington and All rights reserved.

Article Focus:
In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, Richard Harrington gives a tip on how to use Photoshop CS3 Extended to color correct video clips. Using Adobe Bridge to open the video file with Photoshop, he then uses LAB color mode and adjustment layers to turn a red truck into a green truck. A curves adjustment layer alters the a channel of the video, altering the color and a photo filter adjustment layer finishes it of by creating a cooling effect to the clip. Finally, the video is rendered with Photoshop back out to the hard drive.

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