Chyron is in the Cloud
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Chyron is another NAB stalwart, and NAB 2011 showed just how far the company has traveled since the days of analog and hardware. Now in the cloud, Chyron highlighted its AXIS Graphics platform for on-demand graphics designed for the broadcast environment with pre-built templates for quick creation. AXIS services include high-resolution maps, 3D charts, financial quotes, and other tools for topical news graphics for outlets including websites, mobile devices and print.

AXIS Graphics platform
AXIS Graphics platform -- Click on image above for larger view

"Chyron is synonymous with the cloud," declared Chyron VP/Chief Marketing Officer Bonnie Barclay, who notes that, since AXIS is a four-year product, Chyron is "a veteran in the cloud business." "Practically, that means that no longer do artists in TV stations have to sit and do over-the-shoulder and lower thirds. By using the cloud and a template based workflow, with data available based in the libraries in the cloud, the artists can spend their time on higher-end animation."

"Software as a Service offering lessens duplication," she added. "In the hub, everyone at all the stations has the same graphics so the efficiencies are very clear." With the servers currently in New York, Chyron is planning on rolling out a new unit in the U.K., as well as version 2. "The full international version with language support, and so on will roll out at IBC," she said.

Chyron Channel Box
Chyron Channel Box -- Click on image above for larger view

Chyron company also showcased enhancements to its HyperX3, LEX3, and MicroX on-air graphics systems; HyperX3.1 supports faster real-time rendering and an update to its Channel Box2 software (v. 4.1) debuts a playlist sequencer that allows single traffic log events to play out multiple Channel Box2 scenes and, by automating this process, streamlines the workflow.

Chyron HyperX3
Chyron HyperX³ -- Click on image above for larger view

At NAB 2011, Chyron demonstrated BlueNet, a complete solution for streamlined end-to-end graphics workflows including ordering and graphics asset management, collaborative graphics creation, and real-time playout. BlueNet can also be integrated with AXIS. At the show, Chyron announced that Sinclair Broadcast Group bought into the Chyron BlueNet graphics workflow; the broadcast group's 13 news-producing stations will use BlueNet for automated news graphics production and distribution. BlueNet will sit at Sinclair's graphics hub, located at its corporate headquarters in Hunt Valley, MD from where it will be used to create and push content to servers at each news-producing station.

The company also launched the Chyron Channel Partnership Program, which provides systems integrators and manufacturer representatives in the U.S. and Canada with product and solution information that makes it easier to place Chyron products into a complex system design. Partners will have better access to Chyron training and engineering resources, which will assist in a simpler integration and installation process.

Chyron Lyric PRO
Chyron Lyric PRO -- Click on image above for larger view

For a taste of the future, Chyron also showed how its Lyric PRO software will bring playout control to the iPad and other tablets. The user can select and view thumbnails of the Lyric messages on the tablet and play them to air. In a broadcast studio environment, a news anchor could use the iPad to select a template and then use Chyron's Touch GraphX touchscreen graphics feature to manipulate the graphics in real time.



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