Vegas Pro 11 Powers Up!
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Michael Bryant
Sony Creative Software Director of Product Marketing Michael Bryant
Sony Creative Software brought a significant improvement in processing power to its latest upgrade of Vegas editing technology. Vegas Pro 11 takes full advantage of OpenCL - the first Windows-based nonlinear editing system to do so - supporting the open standard for core video editing operations, video effects and rendering.

"Our customers wanted speed," says Sony Creative Software Director of Product Marketing Michael Bryant. "What we heard most in the last round of working with our customers was they wanted to know how to speed up the overall performance and rendering time. We brought that request to our engineering team and put them to the task."

"We're very cognizant of the fact that our customers are working professionals on a budget," Bryant adds. "Our goal was to supply them with increased performance during editing and speed in rendering without asking them to go out and buy a piece of gear that costs thousands of dollars."

One of Vegas Pro 11's core features is its ability to leverage GPU acceleration by working with OpenCL-supported devices from AMD and NVIDIA. The result is a tremendous improvement in speed for the entire workflow, including core video processing engine, video effects, transitions, compositing, pan-crop, track motion and encoding.

By answering this critical need, Sony Creative Software has already enjoyed tremendous success with the newly launched Vegas Pro 11. "So far, we have outsold any other version of Vegas in the same time frame," says Bryant. "That tells us that we hit the mark. We knew what our customers wanted and we brought it in. The feedback we've gotten has been positive and that's very gratifying."

Vegas Pro 11 incorporates 20 other powerful new features, among them new options for titling. With the new Titler Pro from NewBlueFX, users can quickly create stereoscopic 3D titles, manipulating text down to the character level and on the X,Y, and Z axes. Stylized 2D motion can be applied to text events using the Titles and Text too or with the improved ProType titler. "We're pioneering in our 3D support," says Bryant. "Even with our titlers in Vegas Pro 10, you could place those titles in the Z axis. With the NewBlueFX titler, you get title extrusion...and it's ready to work with Pro Vegas 11."

"People have been excited about the flexibility we give with titling," says Bryant. "There are now four titlers in the product. Some people think it's too many, others love the choice and think it's great." The benefit of having four different titlers was made clear during a recent webinar that Sony held on Vegas Pro 11. "When we asked the people attending the webinar which titler they used, they were evenly split among the four options," he says.

Also in the arena of 3D, Sony Creative Software has improved NVIDIA 3D Vision support. Users can now edit on single-display 3D computers including VAIO F Series 3D laptops and VAIO L Series All-in-One 3D desktop systems.

Sync Link is another editing new tool in Vegas Pro 11 that is more powerful than the existing Event Grouping. With Event Grouping, Vegas could group multiple related tracks in a sequence that needed to move to another part of the project. But moving associated events - sound effects, dialogue, B roll - that had to stay in synch when the project was moved was problematic. "With Sync Link, you can now link the associated events in the other tracks and wherever the master goes, the links follow," says Bryant. "And within that, you can trim without ungrouping or destroying the link. It speeds up the whole process."

Vegas Pro 11 user interface screenshot
Sony Vegas Pro 11 user interface. Please click image above for larger view.

Stabilization is now implemented as an OpenFX plug-in, for greater flexibility and power. With motion analysis on all three axes, this advanced video stabilization reduces jittery video caused by handheld recording devices and eliminating rolling shutter problems from CMOS camera imagers.

Vegas Pro 11 also adds native format support for stereoscopic 3D MVC and MPO files from Sony camcorders and DSLRs, as well as adding native support for the RED EPIC. Users can now enjoy the option to render to the AVC/MP4 file format, which includes progressive file download support for streaming. Other natively supported codecs and formats are XDCAM, XDCAM EX, HDCAM-SR, NXCAM, AVCHD, AVCCAM, RED R3D and AVC-based .MOV and RAW files from DSLR cameras. Native P2 support is also available with an optional plug-in.

Vegas Pro 11 is available for purchase online and at retailers worldwide for $699. Upgrades are available for $199. Localized French, German, Spanish and Japanese versions will be available soon.

Sony Creative Software is making all the right steps with Vegas Pro 11. According to Bryant, the company is also "keeping up with 4K moviemakers" as well stereoscopic 3D filmmaking. At its always-reasonable price, Pro Vegas 11 allows facilities and editors on a budget to keep up -- and excel -- with the most challenging projects.