DaVinci Resolve 8.2 for Microsoft Windows Enters Public Beta
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Blackmagic Design President Dan May
Blackmagic Design President Dan May
Microsoft Windows-based creative shops can now take advantage of DaVinci Resolve 8.2, via a public beta now available for download from Blackmagic Design. The Windows public beta is available both in the full-featured DaVinci Resolve 8.2 and free DaVinci Resolve Lite versions.

"The reality of the situation is while many people have Macs in the creative environment, PCs are still the dominant form factor out there in various businesses," says Blackmagic Design President Dan May. "When we looked at the many applications that people are using, some are very PC-focused. Avid is cross-platform. Just about everyone has a little bit of PC and a little bit of Mac, and it felt like we needed to be on PC."

Many users gravitate to a PC-based environment for certain crucial advantages. "The Windows platform offers flexibility," he says. "And the number of Windows and PC-based customers already out there makes it motivating to be completely cross-platform. We have customers and 3rd party partners saying it would be great to have our software for the PC. They wanted to do tie-ins but didn't want to do it only on one operating system."

The new DaVinci Resolve for Windows beta now offers customers more choice in hardware for building color correction systems, including a wider selection of GPU processing possibilities with support for up to four GPUs per system.

The Windows version was targeted for Q1 2012, notes May and, with the beta program opening now, he anticipates "a strong beta that goes to the final early next year." Prior to the public beta release, daVinci Resolve 8.2 for Windows got a workout from Blackmagic Design's internal data group, as well as "esteemed individuals that do solid amounts of work with Resolve and can spend time in the beta result." "We have never put out a public beta that hadn't been vetted to the point that we feel comfortable," says May.

DaVinci Resolve System
DaVinci Resolve System. Larger view available.

Once the public beta is complete, DaVinci Resolve for Microsoft Windows will be available as software for both Mac OS X and Windows, on a single dongle, for $995. DaVinci Resolve Lite (the current free version) will continue to be available as a free download for Mac OS X and, now, Windows. DaVinci Resolve with the full colorist-designed control surface, priced at $29,995, will allow the customer to choose Mac OS X, Windows or Linux software as the operating system upon which to build their color correction system.

All current customers of the Mac OS X version of DaVinci Resolve can use the same dongle for the Windows version, which they can access as a simple download, thereby not accruing a penalty for purchasing early. "We wanted to make it possible for any Mac customers who want to move to a PC platform to be able to do it right away," says May.

DaVinci Resolve Software Interface. Click image above for larger view.

Allowing PC-based facilities and individuals to use DaVinci Resolve is a good step for Blackmagic Design, which has enjoyed a very busy Q4 2011 of acquisitions and new features for existing products. For those of us involved in the Hollywood creative community, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the PC still dominates elsewhere. Being cross-platform in the 21st Century is quickly becoming standard, and Blackmagic Design will likely garner many new customers as a result of this step.