NAB 2012: Litepanels
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The Croma on-camera LED lighting fixture. Click image for larger view.
Litepanels, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, debuted several new lighting fixtures at NAB 2012. The company introduced the Croma on-camera LED lighting fixture, which is capable of generating variable color temperature illumination ranging from daylight to tungsten.

Croma is targeted as a solution for cinematographers and photographers who move rapidly from one light environment to the next without time to change lighting gear or add gels. The Croma fixture features two on-fixture dials, one of which provides the ability to dim from 100 percent to zero without a noticeable color shift and a second which lets the cinematographer dial-in the fill light to any point between daylight and tungsten.

The Croma, which is powered via AA batteries or optional AC adapter, draws 9W and provides the equivalent luminance output of 40W-90W traditional fixtures. Six 1.5V AA batteries give between 1.5 to 6 hours power, depending on battery type. It weighs 12 oz. (.4 kg) and measures 6" x 4" x 2" (54mm H x 36mm W x 102mm D).


Also introduced at NAB 2012 was the Inca Series tungsten Balanced LED Fresnel fixtures. The series' name is derived from the "incandescent" lighting fixtures it replaces, making it possible for a studio to change over from the incandescent to LED fixtures in a staged, multi-year plan rather than all at once. Inca Fresnels incorporate LEDs that are color-matched to the incandescent tungsten halogen lighting fixtures still in use in many TV stations and teleproduction facilities.

The first members of the Series are the tungsten balanced Inca 4(TM) (4-inch/10cm lens) and Inca 6 (6-inch/15cm lens) Fresnel fixtures. Inca 4 focuses from 72° to 13°, and Inca 6 focuses from 67° to 15°. Both provide dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable shift in color temperature. Focus and dimming can be controlled via DMX 512 protocol, or by on-fixture knobs. The Inca 4 and Inca 6 draw less than 10 percent of the power consumed by tungsten halogen fixtures while providing comparable illumination to 300W and 650W Fresnels, respectively. Replacing incandescent lights can be amortized in as little as three years through reduced energy use.

Litepanels SOLA 4
Left, Inca Series tungsten Balanced LED Fresnel fixtures. Right, Sola 4 daylight balanced LED Fresnel light. Please click image for larger view.


Litepanels also debuted the Sola 4 daylight balanced LED Fresnel light, which joins the larger Sola 6 and on-camera Sola ENG LED Fresnel fixtures. Ideal for backlight and accent lighting, the new Sola is both lightweight (3.60 lbs / 1.63kg) and compact.

The Sola ENG Flight Kit. Click image for larger view.
Featuring a 4" Fresnel lens, the Sola 4 is focusable from 13° to 72°, and provides dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable shift in color temperature. Focus and dimming can be controlled via DMX 512 protocol, or by on-fixture knobs.

The new fixture draws 39W, and provides illumination equivalent to a 300W HMI Fresnel. The fixture's LEDs have a 50,000-hour life, offering additional savings.


Additionally, Litepanels introduced the Sola ENG Flight Kit, with the Sola ENG LED Fresnel lighting kit in an FAA carry-on-sized custom Pelican case, making it ideal for videographers on the move. The 30-pound Flight Kit consists of three Litepanels Sola ENG Fresnel fixtures and accessories including stands, gels, power supplies and cables, barndoors, soft box, and a custom rolling case. Each fixture draws 30W but offers output comparable to a 125W HMI.

Litepanels also announced a $100 rebate on purchases of the Croma variable color temperature LED light and the Sola ENG LED Fresnel lighting fixture. The mail-in rebate is in force for fixtures purchased through July 15, 2012, with rebate requests postmarked by midnight August 15, with no limits on quantity.

At NAB 2012, Litepanels continued to offer the kinds of lighting fixtures demanded by professionals, whether on location or in the studio. Of particular interest is the Inca Series, which acknowledges that many in the industry require a step-by-step phase-out of incandescent fixtures. By offering this, Litepanels is showing a leadership initiative that offers customers the kinds of industry partnerships they need to make major technology transitions.