IK Character Animation: Walk to the Beat 1: Finding the Beat
CreativeCOW presents IK Character Animation: Walk to the Beat 1: Finding the Beat -- Adobe After Effects Tutorial

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This tutorial is both a follow-on tutorial to Andrew's previous tutorials on IK controllers in After Effects and a helpful stand-alone tutorial showing how to define a beat range to use as a guide to animation in After Effects.

To start with Andrew shows how to use a simple expression to deal with a potential problem of controllers scaling your objects. Then Andrew shows how to find and download sample music which can be used to base your animation on. He goes on to discuss the difficulty of matching frame rates with audio sample rate and then shows how to get a reasonably close 'loop' in both After Effects and especially in Audition.

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Andrew finishes off by showing how to use the Audition loop as a reference in After Effects so set up the correct loop length with the original audio file.

In the following tutorial (part 2) Andrew will be using the loop as a range to set up a walk cycle and then showing how to ‘automate’ the one set of walk cycle keyframes down the whole length of your timeline with an expression.