AE - RE:MATCH Non-matching Cameras in After Effects
CreativeCOW presents AE - RE:MATCH Non-matching Cameras in After Effects -- Adobe After Effects Tutorial All rights reserved.

In this tutorial, Andrew Devis demonstrates a relatively new plug-in by RE:Vision Effects called RE:Match and how it can very quickly and accurately deal with the very common problem of non-matching cameras in After Effects.

A typical approach to dealing with say a white balance issue would be to apply Color Finesse 3 and work with that which can be a slightly convoluted process, while RE:Match deals with the whole thing in a couple of clicks!

This very powerful effect can save a great deal of time for an everyday problem and so earn its cost back very quickly as well as giving excellent and fast results.

There is another tutorial showing how this effect works in Premiere Pro as there is a slightly different way the two applications deal with reference images.

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