NAB 2013: Day Two With Ryan Salazar
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While the first day of the 2013 NAB Show was absolutely remarkable, the second day tops that by a mile! I am running myself ragged zipping around the Exhibit Floor, from one end to the other...this interview, that was SWEET! Ah, sunny Las Vegas!!!

I appeared on Livestream's NAB LIVE 2013 and did a show promo, having a little fun around the Show Floor - which you can see if you've missed it here:

During the fun, I interviewed Marc Hamaker, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Creative Finishing at Autodesk. We spoke about the award he accepted on behalf of Autodesk's Smoke, and he affirmed that the best way to know what features to put into a product is to talk to the doesn't hurt that he, himself, was a post-production technician before Autodesk!

In addition, I interviewed Vince Pace, co-founder of the Cameron | Pace Group. We spoke about the new technology agreement between CPG, Dolby and Phillips to further develop the auto-stereoscopic images with lifelike realism 3D process. We spoke at the Dolby Booth, where I saw demonstrations of the collaboration. SO COOL!

And look at the places and things I saw! They're everywhere! You can't go a step without running into some new product or a manufacturer with new technology! It's like a convention or something! But don't panic - I have my convention shoes on and I'm as fit as the proverbial fiddle! Let's look at some of the fine things on display...

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GoPro is always a pleaser! I was visiting the GoPro booth when I stumbled upon the Steadicam Curve. It was one of the best camera supports that I have seen! The mount is perfect for times when you don't want to hold it. The Steadicam Curve is perfect in weight; it's only 1/2 pound -not too heavy. The light weight is perfect for sporting events or outings with your family. Don't forget the Hero family of action cameras! See the Steadicam Curve in action here by clicking on:

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While visiting the Panasonic booth I came across the Panasonic AJ-PX5000G AVC - Ultra Camcorder. It is one amazing camcorder! The interchangeable lens is fantastic!! The recording is amazing, as well. It can record 50 frames per second! It can connect to WIFI. However, no WIFI, no worries - it comes with an Ethernet cord to connect to the internet. It is very light weight, so it will be easy to carry with you. See more about this fine product by clicking here:

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The RF Q-Ball intrigued me as I walked by! I had to stop and investigate...I stumbled into the Camera Corps booth and examined the RF Q-Ball. This is one amazing camera! The RF-Q-Ball is remote control! This makes it easy to control from the web. It is not only reliable, but easy to operate. The internal battery can last up to four hours! It can last up to eight hours if you add an external battery. And RF Q-Ball is the perfect camera for under water, being waterproof! Simply amazing!!! See more at:

Built for the cameraman, Canon's Digisuper 100AF Image Stabilizer is designed to assist camera operators to instantly achieve exact focus at all times, which is absolutely critical in all applications of HDTV production. Applications involving telephoto shots is where the Digisuper really excels, eliminating those sometimes fuzzy far-away focal shots!

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The Canon booth was loaded with new innovations for 2013, including the EOS-1D C DSLR - when this camera is shooting, it makes still images simultaneously. There is also the EOS C500 4K Camera, which is known for its vivid color. There were just too many products for me to name! Canon always seems to have the upper-hand with innovation! See more of what Canon has to offer at:

Before I sign-off, I just want to explain something...the shark (in today's video) is there promoting SPROCKIT - NAB's version of the Shark Tank - giving ten lucky market-ready startup companies the chance to present their product or service directly to those in media and entertainment... those who can "make it happen." And, although I got close to the tank, I don't speak "shark!"

Well, as they say "in the biz" - Day Two is a wrap! What a full day! I appeared on Livestream's LIVE from NAB 13 "studio" within their NAB Booth (which you can see if you've missed it here: Remember to follow me at: - and don't forget to STAY BLOGGED-IN!