CatDV Connects with Avid
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Square Box Systems' CatDV is an asset management system with production capabilities that has had a deep impact in numerous industries, including media and entertainment. "It's aimed at people who have a large volume of digital media, which is relevant to many industries," explains Square Box CEO Dave Clack. "It helps teams to organize and search that media and communicate among their divisions. There's an insatiable demand for media and more and more large media, and to be able to find it offline and online is vital. So we help people to find the media and thus save money and time."

Square Box CEO
Dave Clack
Now, Square Box has unveiled a CatDV product that integrates with Avid Media Composer. Pegasus, a premium CatDV client that builds on the foundation of CatDV Enterprise and includes built in support for MXF and archiving, now includes a new solution for integration with Avid Media Composer. Pegasus also includes metadata support for RED Epic files and can co-exist with CatDV Enterprise clients and is available as a stand-alone product.

"This now provides metadata integration between CatDV and Media Composer," says Clack. "A producer can put together a rough cut together in CatDV and then mark up the data about what they like in the shot and communicate that directly into the editor. All the logging data is stored in CatDV and it can be shared seamlessly with the editing program. So it's a collaboration tool between the edit team and the creative team."

"We're pitching CatDV Pegasus at the premium end of the market," he continues. "We expect more sophisticated customers might have a niche environment of different editing stations to pick it up. It's an extension to the existing customers we have, but it's certainly a more high-end solution."

Pegasus now enables a "round trip" workflow of media and metadata between CatDV and Avid Media Composer and a complete Avid workflow solution within CatDV. Sequences, Master Clips and Subclips can be exported to Avid Media Composer from CatDV.

The CatDV AAF Tool supports import of Avid created sequences, Master Clips and Subclips. Supported media is relinked within Avid Media Composer. CatDV Pegasus users can save time and create efficiencies by logging clips and sequences outside of the Avid edit suite and preparing shot lists with added metadata off site. Media can be ingested and transcoded using the CatDV Worker and then Pegasus can send the clips to Avid.

The workflow will allow users to export master clips, subclips and sequences created in Avid Media Composer to CatDV and import supported media and metadata to CatDV; the Avid MXF media is relinked and metadata available to all CatDV users. Clips and sequences can be simply dragged into Avid by selecting the AAF Tool icon and dropping onto any open Avid bin.

Clips and sequences can be simply dragged into Avid by selecting the AAF Tool icon and dropping onto any open Avid bin.

Clack notes how this workflow already exists for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. "Our roots were the Apple side of the community and when Apple changed, we were keen to have two horses in the race," he says. "For customers, the decision about what NLE or hardware to buy isn't such a risky decision. With our open communication between everything in the middle, they'll never lose data and have an expensive mistake on their hands."

Pegasus has been in beta testing since the beginning of 2013 and is now shipping
Clack describes CatDV's key features as "power, simplicity, flexibility, paired with reasonable cost." He adds, "It can fit with your existing workflow and provides round-trip metadata management with a full array of assets, formats, NLEs, storage systems, database systems, operating systems and archiving systems. With CatDV, you can automate many tasks in a workflow and integrate with a wide variety of hardware and software. At the same time, the desktop interface is straightforward; the complexity of the product is hidden from the user. CatDV is also cost effective. The user can choose from a standalone and single user clients to systems that support hundreds of users."

CatDV users include such media-rich enterprises as CNN, BBC, NBC Universal, CBS Television Networks, as well as GoPro, Intel Corporation, NFL Films, Iron Mountain and dozens of museums, worship clients, hotels and other organizations that deal with media.

Pegasus has been in beta testing since the beginning of 2013 and is now shipping.

As the creation of rich media continues to explode in the media and entertainment space, the Achilles heel is the ability to easily organize and access assets. Square Box offers solutions that now span the range of NLEs, making them more powerful than ever for professionals within our industry.

For those interested in more information and pricing, in North America, contact JB&A. Outside North America, contact Square Box directly.