Green Screen Billboard Compositing
CreativeCOW presents Green Screen Billboard Compositing -- Adobe After Effects Tutorial
New York, New York All rights reserved.

This After Effects tutorial demonstrates how to simulate augmented reality centered around a city billboard by compositing green screen footage and editing it into the scene.

Augmented reality is a technology where a user sees a static image come to life by looking at it through their phone or other enabled device. The challenge presented to me by my client was to simulate this technology, with out having to rent a city billboard.

This was a great project as it combined a number of different skills in order to achieve the final product. I began by writing down a shot list of the shots I needed to make the story work. I then filmed the scene, centered around a city billboard. I edited a rough cut of the city shots, and then filmed my billboard actor on a green screen; then the real work began -- compositing him, corner pinning, chroma keying, and finally compositing the entire scene into the phone, as well as simulating the phone interactions.

Have a look at the tutorial and give it a try!


Ari Grunzeweig
Meet Ari Grunzeweig
New York, New York, USA

Hey Cow readers and watchers! Thanks for checking out my tutorials. I hope they help you.

I founded Imagination Creations in 2006 in Montreal, Canada. After operating there for 8 years, my wife and I moved to New York City where we currently live and I continue to operate my business.

Imagination Creations is a small video production company that handles projects ranging from small non profit animations, to larger corporate videos, as well and filming and editing projects for social action missions.

Imagination Creations has developed a niche in producing graphic animations. These range from kinetic text animation, to whiteboard style videos as well as many other forms. While a number of different software platforms go into these projects, Adobe After Effects would be the head honcho of them all.

The reason that I love using After Effects, and have for many years, is that it never gets old. I am always finding new ways to do things, ways to be more efficient with my time, ways to improve my workflow, all leading to providing my clients with a better product at the end of the day. I consider myself a very experienced After Effects user, yet I have only scratched the surface when it comes to expressions and scripting.

In addition to the corporate side of my business, I take great pride in the non-profit work I do. I have had the great fortune of filming abroad in Israel, Poland, South Africa and Thailand to document people who are devoting their time, money and energy to improve the quality of the world!

Best of luck to you all in your future projects, and don't hesitate to send me an email. I'll be happy to help.