Blackmagic Fusion 9's Most Powerful Tool: The Custom Tool
CreativeCOW presents Blackmagic Fusion 9's Most Powerful Tool: The Custom Tool -- Blackmagic Design Fusion Tutorial

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Meet The Custom Tool, the most powerful and versatile tool in Blackmagic Fusion's entire toolbox ??" which ironically appears to do nothing when you first apply it. That’s because it’s a tool designed for building your own tools from scratch. That may sound daunting, but under the guiding hand of longtime VFX artist, editor, and business owner Simon Ubsdell, it’s engaging, empowering, and just plain fun. If you are new to Fusion and to compositing you'll find plenty of useful information here, including how to work with channels to create complex effects surprisingly simply. Bonus tips on expressions and keying, too!

BUT WAIT! Not all versions of Fusion are identical! For Fusion 8 and earlier, here's a variation in the expressions you'll need to consider ("min/max" for the keyer, rather than "clamp"). If you're using Fusion 9 of course, feel free to skip this one, and move straight on to creating your own effects!

Simon Ubsdell
Simon Ubsdell
Hi, I'm Simon Ubsdell, Creative Director of TOKYO PRODUCTIONS, a UK-based boutique creative shop specializing in movie trailers, sales promos and TV Spots for the independent film sector both in the UK and across Europe. I've been a film and video editor for over 25 years as well as being involved in motion graphics, sound design and mixing, music composition, visual effects and compositing, 3D modelling and animation, and colour grading, not to mention writing, directing and producing, and most recently, software development. I am also a developer of plug-ins for the video post-production market having released a range of successful and acclaimed products both under the Tokyo brand and as Hawaiki with Robert Mackintosh.