Five Cinematic Drone Shots For You To Master
CreativeCOW presents Five Cinematic Drone Shots For You To Master -- Cinematography Tutorial

New York, NY
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If you tend to put your drone up in the air and then struggle with what to do next, or if you just randomly shoot around filling up your memory card, then this tutorial is for you. Here are 5 cinematic drone shots that, with a little practice, will take your aerial cinematography to the next level.

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Dirk Dallas, From Where I Drone Dirk Dallas, creator of "From Where I Drone" For more from Dirk Dallas, be sure to check out his website, From Where I Drone. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram, both his own account, as well as his curated feed for the #fromwhereidrone hashtag. The background image in the title graphic is from Dirk's first drone flight, which he describes here. And for more education and inspiration on cameras, lenses, lighting, production and more, be sure to visit Adorama TV.