Creating Adobe Motion Graphics Templates for Profit
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In earlier articles I’ve discussed what Adobe Motion Graphics Templates, or MOGRTs, are, and why you might want to use them in both your own projects and in work you do for agencies and organizations of all sizes. In this article, I’ll focus on how to build and profit from MOGRTs you can sell in stock marketplaces. Motion Graphics templates can be created in either After Effects or Premiere Pro. MOGRTs created natively in Premiere Pro using the Essential Graphics panel and exported to the .mogrt file format can be shared and reused without installing After Effects. However, they are more limited in functionality so designers creating MOGRTs to sell almost universally build them in After Effects. While there are many MOGRTs that can be created in After Effects that don’t need to have the program installed on the users computer for them to work, there are other MOGRTs that will need After Effects installed on users' computer due to their complexity. To get a better understanding of Motion Graphics templates and how to best create them, I recommend these two Adobe articles: You can also download this free eBook about Making MOGRTs that is packed with 122 pages of quality technical information. Here too is a short overview of how Motion Graphics Templates work at the Premiere Pro end of the workflow, including access to MOGRTs from within Premiere Pro's Essential Graphics Panel. Creating MOGRTs for Sale The secret to successfully building & selling MOGRTs on marketplaces like Adobe Stock is to do the exact opposite of what we talked about in the last article when creating MOGRTS for client organizations. Instead of limiting controls and adhering to a strict brand guideline, you want to build MOGRTs that are flexible and with lots of individual user control. You’ll never know the project that a buyer of your MOGRT will be working on so you’ll need to provide the most diverse selection of fonts, colors, and sizes possible to meet their needs. Text & Font Controls Fortunately, in October 2018 Adobe updated After Effects (version 16) with the ability to use Font Controls in MOGRTs. While only a few of the Character and Paragraph parameters are available, it does let the designer include Font, Font Size and Faux Styles for users to control. Many users will also want multiple lines of text. In After Effects, you can add the option of typing more than one line by hitting Enter a few times in the Source Text field in the Essential Graphics panel. Each line, even the empty ones, will create a text field in Premiere Pro for users to enter their text. Color Controls Giving users the ability to use any color they want on different text and shape layers of your design is important when creating MOGRTs for sale since you never know what colors a user will need to match their project. Luckily, After Effects makes it pretty easy to add. On a text layer, click Animate > Fill Color > RGB to add Fill Color inside an Animator. Then, Add this Fill Color property to the Essential Graphics panel, and the user will be able to choose any color they need for their text. You’re able to use the exact same technique with Fill Color on any Shape Layers and any other color parameters. Universalizing Expressions Adobe develops and sells After Effects in a number of different languages to reach as many designers as possible. As such, different elements of the program, like sliders for Effects, will have a different name in Spanish, French or German than they do in English. To sell your MOGRTs in most marketplaces you need to make sure that they will work in any language. This means that any Expressions you use in your MOGRTs need to be Universalized. Fortunately, every effect also has a universal name. To link to that name you need to press Alt/Option when you use the Expression Pickwhip to get the link. While it sounds simple enough, it can get super complicated the more intricate your Expression and the more Expressions you use overall. Plus, if you forget to do it one time, it can ruin your whole MOGRT for sale. Luckily, an enterprising developer created a script called Expression Universalizer that you can buy from This script will automatically universalize all your expressions all at one time! Pro Tip: Run this script on a copy of your project (the expressions get difficult to read) and run it as the very last step before you export your MOGRT. Contributing MOGRTs to Adobe Stock If you would like to start contributing your own MOGRTs for sale on the Adobe Stock Marketplace I first recommend that you carefully read and follow the Motion Graphics Templates Best Practices (Guidelines For Adobe Stock Contributors). It is a very clear and detailed rule-book for everything you need to do to prepare your MOGRTs for consideration for sale at Adobe Stock. A shorter list of technical requirements can also be found in this Adobe Support document. This video also shows the exact steps to take for uploading your finished MOGRTs to Adobe Stock for sale. Whether you’re looking for a new full-time income stream or just adding another side-hustle to pay off your credit cards, give Motion Graphic Template creation a try. It just may pay off in ways you never imagined! This article is sponsored by Adobe Stock