Western-style Color Grading
CreativeCOW presents Western-style Color Grading -- Color Grading Tutorial

New York, NY
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The Docu Series 24 Pictures A Second focuses on following and hearing from working professionals in the film, tv, and pro-video industry. In this episode, colorist Josh Bohoskey of The Mill walks through the color correction of a new, and stylistically specific, narrative piece with Framework Productions.

After detailed discussion with style references, each moment is graded and then layered, creating a look that is both visually cohesive and narratively supportive. From saturating and desaturating to keying and tracking, the thrust of the story and every other element combine and even "pop" under this execution of the color-vision. Featured Products Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel Blackmagic Design DV/RESOLVE DaVinci Resolve Control Surface Cinegears Ruige 24.1" 10-bit Cinema Color Grading Monitor NEC Spyder5 Full-Spectrum Color Sensor NEC SpectraView II Display Calibration Software And for more education and inspiration on cameras, lenses, lighting, production, post, and more, be sure to visit Adorama TV.