Adobe and That Cup on Game of Thrones
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Many things were shocking about Season 8 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones (Don’t worry, no spoilers here!), but the one shock to rule them all was that quick cameo of a Starbucks coffee cup next to the dragon queen herself. The internet is beside itself to find the truth, asking hard hitting questions like... does Dany even like Starkbucks?... ...what KIND of coffee does a Breaker of Chains drink?!... ...could it be a power play by the Lady of Winterfell?!... ...who IS this cup and how did it manage to appear in the same scene as the showrunners?!? Outrage, confusion, and madness has spread like dragonfire over the Seven Kingdoms. The internet is having a meltdown, but luckily devoted Adobe Evangelist, Jason Levine brings us a solution... ...he who wields Content-Aware Fill shall rid the realm of the dreaded coffee cup. Jason took the opportunity to show off Content Aware Fill for Video’s power and speed by rapidly removing the controversial cup as seen in the GIF above. We had a few more questions to ask him. Creative COW: Jason, we know Game of Thrones shoots RAW, is there a benefit using RAW with Content-Aware Fill even though you just used what was broadcast? Jason Levine: The higher the fidelity of your original (video), the likelihood of a better looking fill. And with Content-Aware Fill’s unique Reference Frame/Photoshop CC integration, this workflow (in conjunction with raw media) can yield very impressive results. Can Content Aware Fill remedy the issue of human error someday? If a misplaced item passes through multiple hands without being detected, Content-Aware Fill wouldn't do much good in theory. Could Sensei be taught to flag what doesn't belong in a shot for us? While we don’t have anything specifically like this at present, I could envision Adobe Sensei’s machine learning engine analyzing the content of a video, and based on consistent elements seen throughout, determining what ‘doesn't’ belong in a given series of frame, flagging/marking elements that seem out of place. What’s your favorite anachronistic item left in a TV show or movie? I don’t have any specific ones—but I’ve seen many a show/series with the occasional wardrobe/costuming mishap; either a modern clothing label/logo is exposed, or an article is clearly is out-of-place for the period. But just like in GOT, those moments are often so fast you’d miss them unless you were really looking. Can we Content-Aware Fill Cersei Lannister out of existence? (Laughs) You’ll have to talk to the team at HBO about that! -- You don’t have to be the Azor Ahai to wield this power, just take a quick look at the art of removing unwanted, distracting, or misplaced objects (like coffee cups!) Go in peace internet...the prophecy has been fulfilled.