Capturing ProRes RAW
CreativeCOW presents Capturing ProRes RAW -- Cinematography

New York, NY
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Apple ProRes RAW has lots of buzz, and can offer some great opportunities in both shooting and post, once you know how to capture it. Director Steve Pierce and DP Igor Kropotov explain why they love it, how to capture it on set, and what tools you can use. While they discuss how happy they are with the Panasonic EVA1, note that Atomos recorders mean that you can use a wide range of cameras to capture ProRes RAW. Stay tuned for future episodes where Steve will take you through how to work with ProRes RAW in post. Until then, here are some of the products that Keith and Igor use in the video above: Shogun Inferno Atomos Sumo 19 Panasonic EVA1 Panasonic EVA1 ProRes RAW Atomos Kit Noga Arms Gold Mount Battery And for more education and inspiration on cameras, lenses, lighting, production, post, and more, be sure to visit Adorama TV.