Apple FCPX Bullet Lists Animated & Timed With A Single Title
CreativeCOW presents Apple FCPX Bullet Lists Animated & Timed With A Single Title -- Apple Final Cut Pro X

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Quit stacking up layers in the timeline in Apple FCPX to create your bullet lists! They're kludgy, tough to layout, tough to make changes, and just plain unnecessary. There's a better way, and Bret Williams from BretFX is here to show you how to use the custom title to animate and time your bullet lists in FCPX, using hold frames to time your bullet points to audio. You can create, animate, and design your bullet points all within a single title on the timeline, making spacing, styling, and animation a breeze. Universally change or edit the font, spacing, position, and more!

Bret Williams
Bret Williams
Hi! I’m Bret Williams, the guy behind BretFX. In 1998 I quit my full time job at a production company and have been independently editing video and creating motion graphics ever since. Before settling in on Final Cut Pro X and Motion as my tools of choice, I’d used a variety of software including Avid, Final Cut Pro legacy, After Effects, Media100, EditDV, Premiere and even the VideoCube. The unique connection between FCP X and Motion it so powerful it has inspired me to create my own flavor of solutions I hope you will find original, useful, affordable and easy to use. In addition to operating BretFX, my wife Teri Lamprey and I edit and produce corporate communications for companies in Atlanta area like Home Depot, Cox Communications, and UPS as PopTop Production, LLC. To learn more, visit