How modo can make your life easier: Image Synth
How modo can make your life easier: Image Synth
A Image Synth Video Tutorial/Review
How modo can make your life easier using ImageSynth


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In this series of articles CreativeCOW leader Mylenium takes a look at Luxology's modo 201 and how it can help you make your daily work more efficient even if you are not yet a 3D artist. Moreover he tries to provide some guidance why you possibly should consider it to complement your arsenal if you are already using 3D programs such as Maxon's Cinema 4D.

In this first video, Mylenium looks at a part of modo that isn't actually a part of modo. Included in the package is ImageSynth which is a standalone plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS or later and Mylenium will demonstrate how and why you should use it.

Why modo?

I have been a 3D user/ artist for almost 13 years now and rarely have I come across a tool that is just as much plain enjoyment as is modo. I have been using it for almost 2 years now ever since version 1 and can't imagine doing my modeling work without it. I especially appreciate its flexibility and intuitive workflow. Now of course you as non-3D people may say: "Hey buddy, that's good for you then. But you know what? I don't care!" but I would still like to awaken your interest for it.

The great thing about modo beyond its flexibility is its fresh approach to solving problems that make 3D so hard for many people. This is especially true for version 2.01 that introduces a unique approach to texturing, a blazing fast and excellent quality renderer and then of course the new paint tools. Even if you as a Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects user cannot relate to what all this techno-babble about polygons, vertices and edges means, the areas I mentioned should be incentive enough for you to at least take a look.

In this series I therefore will be focusing on situations that you may encounter in your daily work and show potential solutions with modo. I will spare you the technical details and keep things as simple as I possibly can. If you are interested in more information on modo and what else it can do, I suggest you stop by at the official website at

One last word for those who already are using 3D programs. As of now, modo is only a complimentary tool and cannot fully replace a complete package since it particularly lacks any animation capabilities. However, don't let that stop you from considering it. Development is proceeding at pace and already modo can help you make your workflow more efficient no matter what other program you own.

4.5 stars, erm pardon me, cows... ;o) It's an extremely useful plugin but it has some inconsistencies and minor quirks that especially from the viewpoint of a die-hard Photoshop user may not look that good. Nonetheless I highly recommend this tool to anyone.

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