Creating the Spider Web in Photoshop: Part 1 of 5
Creating the Spider Web in Photoshop: Part 1 of 5
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Creating the Spider Web in Photoshop: Part 1 of 5

Dean Velez Dean Velez
The Anvel Motion Graphics Courseware for After Effects
Atlanta, Georgia

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In this 5-part tutorial, Motion Graphics Trainer, Dean Velez explores creating complex backgrounds using a Photoshop still with the 3d properties of After Effects. We'll also create high end transitions using path tools and various effects as well as eye catching 2D animation using parented layers and resolving text using the track matte features. In lesson one, we'll prepare the Photoshop still.

movie Project sit Project zip

PLEASE PREVIEW THE WEBBKG.MOV ANIMATION BEFORE STARTING. Download movie and project files from the red bar above.

1. Create a new file 1000x1000 72 dpi RGB color mode

2. Turn the background layer black

3.Put white in the foreground color box and black in the background color box

4.Make a new layer name it web

5.Select view rulers

6.Drag a guide line into the middle for vertical and horizontal (FIG1)

Fig. 1

7.Create a small diamond in the center using the brush tool with a 4 pixel 100% opacity white brush (FIG2)
To create a straight line with the paint tool you will need to have
the paint tool selected and click on the screen where you want the line to start... go to where you want the line to end, hold down shift and click...the paint tool should draw a straight line from one point to the other...repeat this step to continue the line.

Fig. 2

8.Turn off your guide lines and rulers

9.Create 8 spokes coming out from the diamond (FIG 3)

Fig. 3

10.Create a frame linking all the spokes (FIG 4)


11.Create a loose spiral starting from the center and stopping at the frame (FIG 5)

Fig. 5

12.Create 8 spokes coming out from the diamond and connecting to the frame (FIG 6)

Fig. 6

13.Create a new layer under the web layer and fill it black the following steps will help us in creating a more organic web

14.Chain the black layer to the web layer

15.Select the web layer and merge linked

16.Select filter / blur / blur more

17.Select filter / noise / median set it to 3

18.Select image / adjustments / levels set the levels to    90    1.00    100

19.Select filter blur more 3x

20.Select your magic wand set the tolerance to 32

21.Select the black part of the web layer with the magic wand

22. Select / select / similar

23. Select  / select / modify / expand and set it to 1

24.Press delete and deselect

25.Select filter  / blur / blur more
26.Select filter / texture / craquelure set it to crack spacing 15, crack depth 5 and crack brightness 5

27.Select filter blur / blur more

28.Select layer / layer style / bevel and emboss set the depth to 500 and the softness to 5

29.Create a new layer and chain it to the web layer

30.Select the web layer and merge linked (FIG 7) this will combine the blend effects to the layer

Fig. 7

31.Save file as web (see webexamples.psd for more info)

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