CE Time Shuffle
CE Time Shuffle
A CreativeCOW After Effects Video Tutorial

CreativeCOW presents CE Time Shuffle in After Effects--Video Training by Jerzy Drozda Jr

Jerzy Drozda Jerzy Drozda Jr
maltaannon.com, polygon-studio.com
Warsaw, Poland

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Article Focus:
In this video tutorial, Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon) demonstrates time jittering effects using one of his presets. You may have seen this effect in movies like The Ring, The Cell, or Fight Club. You may still create this kind of effect simply by playing with the TimeRemap function, but it's much easier using this preset.

Since this tutorial is a response for a question posted on CreativeCow forums I haven't had time to record some footage to demonstrate how cool this may look when used properly, so I'm counting on your imagination.

For example: try using the Echo effect after applying TimeShuffle.

The interesting thing is that this preset it behaves like a standard plugin. Well‚ almost like a plugin. The main difference between a standard preset and this CustomEffect (because thats what I call it) is that all controls like sliders and checkboxes are bound into one item under the effects pallet of a layer. You have to see the tutorial to know what I'm referring to.

To install this CustomEffect you need to download my installer and the CustomEffect package. This installer works only on Windows so all you MacOS users need to download standard preset that is also provided.

The installer requires VisualBasic6 runtime libraries, so unless you're running Windows XP, you need to download it also. Of course, you may still choose to use the standard preset instead of my CustomEffect, but I really encourage you to download my installer and bound polyCE files to it, because from this day forward I'm planning to upload my present in this format (at least the expression based ones).

I hope to see some comments on this, because if you like it I'll create a CustomEffect Deployment Tool, that will allow you to create and share your own CustomEffects.

Inspiration for this tutorial:

See the original thread (by Speedyman) on CreativeCow forums.

Download: Polygon Studio CustomEffect Installer (Microsoft Windows XP recommended)

Download: TimeShuffle.zip (Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro)

Click here to launch movie

Feel free to post any questions on the After Effects Forum at CreativeCOW.net.

Have fun!

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