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VR (Virtual Reality)/360º Video Tutorials

Adobe After Effects
Stabilize 360 Video with Mocha VR

Stabilize 360 Video with Mocha VR

In this intermediate tutorial, Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through smoothing the horizon in a Samsung Gear 360 shot using the Reorient Module in Mocha VR. Jittery 360 video footage can be made more watchable by stabilizing with Mocha’s planar tracking tools. The tutorial is done via the Adobe After Effects plug-in, but the techniques apply to all versions of Mocha VR.

Imagineer Systems
VR (Virtual Reality)/360º Video
VR Cinematography: Exploring How To Represent People in VR

VR Cinematography: Exploring How To Represent People in VR

Close-up VR imagery from camera-originated material is awesome but tricky, says multimedia and VR pioneer Michael Naimark. The question is, how do you actually DO it? Taking Google's collaboration with Go Pro on the Jump VR 16-camera rig as a starting point, Michael and his team began to map out the specifics of managing point of view inside a 360 degree panorama. It requires a combination of complexity (stitching this many POVs together) and simplicity (panoramic sound helps a lot!) that we're just now beginning to explore. Ready for a wild ride into the future of capturing people in the world of VR cinematography? Start here.

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Michael Naimark
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