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Adobe After Effects Smoke Tutorials

COW Library : Adobe After Effects Tutorials : Smoke
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Adobe After Effects Video Tutorials
RE:Vision Effects
Twixtor: Better Retiming Using a Matte

Twixtor: Better Retiming Using a Matte
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This Tutorial shows how to get better tracking using a matte to separate your footage into multiple layers. Multiple layers are available in Twixtor Pro for AE, FCP, Premiere Pro, and Twixtor for Smoke, Flame, Fusion, Nuke & OFX hosts such as Scratch & Composite.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Lori Freitag
Adobe After Effects
Particle World Transitions: Part 1

Particle World Transitions: Part 1
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Rob Mize demonstrates how to use Particle World in After Effects to transition text, logos and other images into a variety of particle effects, including sand, dust, smoke, fire...even a melting effect.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Rob Mize
Adobe After Effects
Particle Playground on FireParticle Playground on Fire
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In this video tutorial you will learn how to generate fire and smoke particles from live action footage without using any keyframes or expressions.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Jerzy Drozda Jr
Adobe After Effects
Fractal Noise - A New Look at an Old Friend

Fractal Noise - A New Look at an Old Friend

When Adobe released After Effects version 7, the attention turned to major new features such as the user interface, 32bit HDR support and the graph editor. However there's another small update which is very significant for some users- the ''Fractal Noise'' effect is no longer confined to the Professional bundle, it's now included with the Standard edition. So for anyone who's never used the Professional version, or anyone who has never used Fractal Noise, Chris Zwar lifts the hood on this immensely powerful feature.

Chris Zwar
Adobe After Effects
More Lighting and Shadows

More Lighting and Shadows

In part two of our Shadows tutorial, Bill O'Neil continues with an explanation of an effect that he's constantly asked how it was done. He doesn't use 3D -- it's done entirely in After Effects and the coolness of the scene is mostly from the lighting and shadows. As an added bonus, Bill includes his project files for snow and smoke.

Bill O'Neil
Adobe After Effects
Building Your Own 3D Particle Generator

Building Your Own 3D Particle Generator

In this tutorial, Dan Ebberts demonstrates a method of generating motion that is random in both time and space and allows you to quickly assemble a composition with a pleasantly fluid, chaotic movement. Using this particle generator, we'll look at how you might create explosions, smoke, a fire blast, falling snow, and even a liquid-like flow.

Dan Ebberts
Adobe After Effects
Smoke Effect

Smoke Effect

Alan Hamill demonstrates the use of Particle Playground to simulate rising smoke.

Alan Hamill
Adobe After Effects
Blowing Smoke Using Digital Anarchy's Geomancy

Blowing Smoke Using Digital Anarchy's Geomancy

The HairLines filter in Geomancy was originally designed to simulate streams of liquid. It does this very well, but that organic type of motion lends itself to other effects, such as smoke. In this tutorial, Jim Tierney demonstrates how to get some slightly stylized, but realistically moving, smoke. This useful for cigarettes, smoldering fires, or the occasionaly disintergrating gerbil. However, this tutorial will focus on the streams of smoke, and won't be getting into the finer points of spontaneously combusting rodents. This tutorial will work with either the release or demo version of Hairlines.

Jim Tierney
Adobe After Effects
Making Titles or Objects Turn to Smoke and Disappear

Making Titles or Objects Turn to Smoke and Disappear

The illusion of making something go up in smoke tends to be popular all the time. Here Tobias Lind provides a quick tutorial on how to make this happen in After Effects. The result is pretty cool and quite realistic as you'll see for yourself. And it contains no particles.

Tobias Lind
Adobe After Effects
Flowing Title Effects using Adobe After Effects

Flowing Title Effects using Adobe After Effects

George Polevoy explores a method of creating a flowing title effect using Adobe After Effects. This effect was created before movies like Final Destination popularized the effect, and when George Created the article for us, it mind-boggled even the most advanced AE users. With this technique, you can add a variety of effects, such as smoke or fire, as well as an abstract 'flowing' for a visual element.

George Polevoy

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