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Apple Soundtrack Tutorials

TV & Movie Appreciation
The Toaster and Tim's Vermeer

The Toaster and Tim's Vermeer

The inventor of the NewTek Video Toaster was certain that he figured out the secret behind the uncanny realism of one of the world's greatest painters, and certain he could use the same methods to duplicate it. Really? Yes, really. Join us for a conversation with NewTek founder Tim Jenison on the unexpected intersection of art, technology, obsession and the Video Toaster in the wonderfully provocative documentary called Tim's Vermeer.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
TV & Movie Appreciation
John Dykstra, ASC: VFX Then and Now

John Dykstra, ASC: VFX Then and Now

Creative COW had the great pleasure of speaking to visual effects pioneer John Dykstra, who received his first Academy Award for his work on Star Wars, and, the same year, won an Academy Scientific and Engineering Award for the Dykstraflex motion-control camera that made so many of Star Wars' effects possible. Join us as he shares behind the scenes on Star Wars, speaks about his transition from an artist to a VFX supervisor, and gives us his thoughts on the state of VFX today.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
John Dykstra, ASC
TV & Movie Appreciation
Creating the 3D in Gravity

Creating the 3D in Gravity

Gravity, the highly-acclaimed, intensely emotional space thriller, has been hailed as some of the - if not the VERY - best 3D footage ever seen on the big screen. This has led to some surprise when learning that Gravity was NOT shot in 3D. However, it wasn't entirely converted in post either. It featured an innovative and unique workflow that incorporated 3D conversion during production as well as a complex integration with 3D VFX. In a conversation with Prime Focus World, we find out how they did it.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
Iron Man 3: The Trixters Behind Tony Stark's Shiny New Armor

Iron Man 3: The Trixters Behind Tony Stark's Shiny New Armor

Seventy artists from Trixter worked an entire year to create a formidable 208 VFX shots for Marvel's Iron Man 3. Each new episode in the Iron Man saga details a slick new technology created by the ingenious Tony Stark, and the new installment does not disappoint! Combining the hard surface geometry of the Iron Man suit auto-assembly with the flexibility of the human body was one of the challenges that Trixter brought from previs to believable screen reality.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Alessandro Cioffi
Behind the Lens: Paul Cameron ASC on Total Recall

Behind the Lens: Paul Cameron ASC on Total Recall

Paul Cameron, ASC, just finished work on the remake of Total Recall, directed by Len Wiseman and starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel with Bill Nighy, Bryan Cranston, and John Cho. Cameron was last featured in Creative COW for his work on Henry's Crime. His previous credits include director Michael Mann's Collateral and Tony Scott's Man on Fire.

Paul Cameron, ASC
Art of the Edit
NAB 2012: Introducing Our Blue Ribbon Award Winners

NAB 2012: Introducing Our Blue Ribbon Award Winners

The only industry award chosen by hundreds of thousands of working professionals and potential customers from around the world.

Tim Wilson
DaVinci Resolve
Company 3's DI artist Stephen Nakamura on Prometheus

Company 3's DI artist Stephen Nakamura on Prometheus

Stephen Nakamura, one of a handful of artists who helped to pioneer DI color grading, shares his experience on creating the look for Prometheus as envisioned by director Ridley Scott.

Stephen Nakamura
NEWS: People in the News
Steve Jobs - A Personal Calendar Entry

Steve Jobs - A Personal Calendar Entry

Steve Jobs was almost unbelievably young when we met him. We talk about him as a visionary now, but then, they called him a whiz kid, the Boy Wonder: 21 when Apple was founded in 1976, 22 when Apple formally incorporated, 25 for Apple's IPO, and 26 when he first made the cover of Time Magazine. Macintosh shipped when Steve was 28.

Tim Wilson
Apple Soundtrack
Dialogue Replacement using Soundtrack Pro

Dialogue Replacement using Soundtrack Pro
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Even though most people don't associate Soundtrack Pro with ADR, it has a set of powerful tools designed to record and edit looped dialogue. In this Soundtrack Pro video tutorial Sam McGuire explains the process of replacing dialogue using STP's loop recording, multitake editor, and audio stretch tool. Other topical advice is also discussed.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Sam McGuire
Apple Soundtrack
Soundtrack Pro Scripts

Soundtrack Pro Scripts
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Soundtrack Pro offers the ability to save action lists as scripts which can subsequently be used in FCP and the OSX Finder. In this video tutorial learn how to use this powerful feature to process your audio using the actions you use most often. We also look at several short-comings of this feature to help you avoid making time-wasting mistakes.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Sam McGuire
Apple Soundtrack
Music in Soundtrack Pro

Music in Soundtrack Pro
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Have you ever wondered what the GBs of audio files you installed with Final Cut Pro can do for you? Soundtrack Pro is an excellent music arrangement tool that can be used for temping tracks and also creating full scores for your project. It may not be the same as hiring a composer, but for the price and flexibility, and this video tutorial, you may find just what you are looking for!

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Sam McGuire
Apple Soundtrack
Dialogue Fixin' using Soundtrack

Dialogue Fixin' using Soundtrack
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This Soundtrack Pro video tutorial covers two useful techniques for fixing dialogue used in documentaries or other productions. 1) Time stretching for dialogue will fit a bit of dialogue as needed within a scene, and 2) Matching voice levels between two or more dialogue clips will make one clip sound more like another. Both tasks are easy to do for anyone working within Final Cut Studio, and this tutorial will walk you through the two procedures.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Jiggy Gaton
Apple Soundtrack
Cell Phone Interference in Soundtrack Pro

Cell Phone Interference in Soundtrack Pro
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In this Soundtrack tutorial, Sam McGuire looks at the infamous cell phone interference issue that can be a real nightmare for your audio. While several solutions are explored, the main point is emphasized that you'll need to make sure all phones are turned off while filming!

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Sam McGuire
Apple Soundtrack
Audio Noise Reduction in Soundtrack Pro

Audio Noise Reduction in Soundtrack Pro
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A "how to guide" for removing audio noise in Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro. In this video tutorial Sam McGuire demonstrates how to use many of the noise reduction tools found in FCP and Soundtrack.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Sam McGuire
Apple Final Cut Pro
Make Your FCP Timelines Sing By Roundtripping to Soundtrack Pro

Make Your FCP Timelines Sing By Roundtripping to Soundtrack Pro

The COW's Jiggy Gaton owns an audio studio -- but has created a tutorial for those of us who don't have an audio studio within earshot when editing video in Final Cut Pro. He's not sure if he's being lazy, or just efficient, to use an integrated Soundtrack Pro project inside FCP. Either way, read on to learn how to do it yourself.

Jiggy Gaton
DVD Authoring
Authoring 5.1 Surround DVDsAuthoring 5.1 Surround DVDs

You may not sell a million copies of your DVD... but at least it will sound like a million bucks. In this DVD authoring tutorial, David Roth Weiss explains how to author 5.1 surround DVDs with Compressor and Soundtrack Pro 2.

David Roth Weiss
Apple Soundtrack
Apple Soundtrack 1.0

Apple Soundtrack 1.0

In this review, Creative Cow's Ron Lindeboom looks at the new Soundtrack 1.0 from Apple. Soundtrack ships as part of the Final Cut Pro 4 package and users are beginning to explore this latest offering from Apple Computer -- a tool that gives Mac users many of the powers that once were only found on the PC in tools like Sonic Foundry Acid. How well does Soundtrack perform and what can new users expect? Read on...

Ron Lindeboom

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Ron Lindeboom (1)
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Stephen Nakamura (1)
David Roth Weiss (1)
Tim Wilson (3)

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