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Art of the Edit
Anatomy of an Edit Suite

Anatomy of an Edit Suite

Walter Biscardi of Biscardi Creative Media is often asked about what makes a comfortable and efficient edit suite. After designing five different facilities, each with the same essential design, but each refined and upgraded, we can be assured that Walter knows how to streamline design for an arrangement that works!

Walter Biscardi
Art of the Edit
VFX Soup: Luma Pictures Builds The Destroyer and Thor's VFX

VFX Soup: Luma Pictures Builds The Destroyer and Thor's VFX

Marvel Entertainment's epic adventure Thor has dominated the box office in the last few weeks, with a worldwide gross of $357.6 million. In this cinematic version of the super hero tale, the powerful but arrogant mighty Thor is exiled from the mystical realm of Asgard to live on earth, in punishment for his reckless actions that have reignited an ancient war. Forced to live among humans, Thor's powers are tested when The Destroyer, a monstrous suit of living armor, is sent to earth. In the process, Thor learns how to be a true hero. This fantastical action-adventure was helmed by renowned British actor/director Kenneth Branagh and stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the ancient Norse god; Tom Hiddleston as Loki, his chaotic brother; Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Thor's love interest and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, the father of Thor and Loki. In this article in the Creative COW Library, Luma Pictures takes us inside the building of The Destroyer and the Bifrost arrival to earth, the mystical storm that delivers the gods to the other worlds. Let Creative COW's Debra Kaufman take you to the realms of mythology and VFX possibility.

Debra Kaufman
Art of the Edit
Wiring “Conan”

Wiring “Conan”

Dan Dome takes us inside the production pipeline of "Conan". The studio taping of "Conan" starts at 4:30 Pacific, and runs in real time. It ends at 5:30, and "we have to have everything in Atlanta by 8 PM Pacific time, 11 PM Eastern, when the show starts to air." See how it's done in this advanced facility designed for tight turn-arounds.

Feature, Project
Dan Dome
Art of the Edit
Worldsourcing: A Prime Focus on Global VFX Collaboration

Worldsourcing: A Prime Focus on Global VFX Collaboration

After winning an Academy Award® for his VFX work on The Golden Compass, Mike Fink's next direction could have taken him literally anywhere in the world. Here is the story of how a man who helped invent the concept of freelance visual effects supervisor found himself part of a company that is helping invent new kinds of global collaboration. It's not outsourcing. It's WORLD-sourcing.

Feature, People / Interview
Mike Fink
Art of the Edit
Making Big Plans

Making Big Plans

Today, South Africa. Tomorrow, the world. Eugen and his colleagues at 3DTree carefully plan every job, plan how to extend their creativity - and yes, their expansion into Hollywood.

Feature, People / Interview
Eugen Olsen
Art of the Edit
Molecule Fueled Imagination

Molecule Fueled Imagination

Film? Television? Production? Post? Visual effects? Animation? Stereoscopic 3D? Interactive design? By answering Yes, all of the above, The Molecule keeps its eyes beyond the horizon.

Feature, People / Interview
Chris Healer
Art of the Edit
Surgical Video: The Cutting Edge

Surgical Video: The Cutting Edge

Creative Cow leader Mike Cohen has been working on the cutting edge of surgical video for years. In this expanded version of his article in the Cow Magazines Non-Broadcast Production Issue, Mike answers some of the most frequently asked questions about these techniques from the Cow forums. Its fascinating stuff, but seriously, maybe have some breakfast before you take a look.

Mike Cohen
Art of the Edit
Fix it in Pre : Workflow Starts Before the Shooting Does

Fix it in Pre : Workflow Starts Before the Shooting Does

Looking for smooth shoots even on extreme locations? Want a pain-free post? 24P, film look, Depth of Field converter, advanced compositing and sound design -- its all here. In this Creative Cow Magazine extra from the Workflow 3.0 issue, Carl Larsen shows you how to avoid problems through planning, along with invaluable tips for cinematic storytelling on a tight schedule.

Carl Larsen
Art of the Edit
The Importance of Invisible EffectsThe Importance of Invisible Effects

Steve is a Senior Compositor and 2D Technical Director with over 20 years of production experience. His credits include over 60 films including as Traffic, Blade: Trinity,Ray, Batman & Robin, U-571, Air Force One, TV shows including Deadwood, and over 70 commercial spots. In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra from the Visual Effects issue, Steve talks about invisible effects in projects he has worked on, with ideas you can use for your own projects.

Steve Wright
Art of the Edit
The Sonnet D800 RAID: Speed and Safety

The Sonnet D800 RAID: Speed and Safety

Jeremy Garchow's business is growing. So was his storage, and the potential for disaster. SATA array are less expensive, but were they safe, even with redundancy? With the Sonnet D800 he's got a terabyte of uncompressed HD, with full protection, for a great price. Read on to see the details of his set-up, and see if SATA and the Sonnet D800 will work as well for you as it has for Jeremy.

Review, Feature
Jeremy Garchow
Art of the Edit
Ergonomics for COWs

Ergonomics for COWs

The question was asked in the Avid Editing COW: 'After eight years of working on a computer, my wrist hurts within an hour. Anyone else getting carpel tunnel? What can I do to prevent major damage?' Dave Anselmi, a T'ai Ch'i Instructor for over 10 years and whose friend is an Ergonomics Specialist, was quick to the rescue with this great advice.

Dave Anselmi
Art of the Edit
Building a Modern Professional Editing Room

Building a Modern Professional Editing Room

In this Creative COW magazine article Bob Zelin discusses what it takes to build a professional, modern, nonlinear editing machine room. Bob covers storage, monitors, scopes, audio mixers, routing, power, cables and more.

Tutorial, Feature
Bob Zelin
Art of the Edit
Exploring the Workflow of Good Eats

Exploring the Workflow of Good Eats

No matter what a television series is about, producing a series is all about workflow. The credits at the end of an episode list who did a particular task, but how they all work together is a story in itself. For a small part of that story on one show, meet -Good Eats-, the top-rated Food Network series.

Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Jim Kanter reviews: Nonlinear Editing by Bryce Button

Jim Kanter reviews: Nonlinear Editing by Bryce Button

Jim Kanter takes a thorough look at NONLINEAR EDITING: STORYTELLING, AESTHETICS, & CRAFT by author Bryce Button. This book is in the CMP Books DV Expert Series. Find out why, if you are a filmmaker you should have this book...

Jim Kanter
Art of the Edit
Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing -- a review by Marisu Fronc

Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing -- a review by Marisu Fronc

Marisu Fronc takes a look at Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing published by Friends of Ed.

Marisu Fronc
Art of the Edit
Alan Levi: From Columbo to E.R. and Beyond

Alan Levi: From Columbo to E.R. and Beyond

Tim Kolb explores the career of legendary director, Alan J. Levi. Spanning a career that began in the 1960's and still continues today, Tim discusses the life, work and accomplishments of a talented man whose body of work includes many of the most memorable shows in television history. He is also the inventor of ''video assist'' and is not only hands-on in the artistic side but in the technical side as well. Alan discusses the way that the new technology has changed the face of broadcast production and his own use of nonlinear editing tools. It's a great story and our thanks to Alan J. Levi for granting the interview and Tim Kolb for a great job in writing it.

People / Interview
Tim Kolb
Art of the Edit
Creating a Better Edit

Creating a Better Edit

During the past few years, Timothy Allen has had the opportunity to work with some very gifted video producers and editors. In this article he spends just a little time sharing some of the things that he's picked up from them that should help spark your creativity and keep your edits fresh.

Tutorial, Feature
Timothy Allen


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