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Corporate Video Tutorials

Stepping into the Surgeon's Eyes

Stepping into the Surgeon's Eyes

Take advantage of years worth of Greg Ondera's surgical cinematography experience for cleaner, tighter shots and a better outcome.

Greg Ondera
Indie Film & Documentary
Save This Script By John Morley and Mark Suszko

Save This Script By John Morley and Mark Suszko

Each installment of this series is a scenario in which a writer/producer team is confronted with a problem script. The scenario, written in screenplay format, revolves around a typical client management situation that can lead to a problem script. Join John Morley and Mark Suszko in this first episode as they Save This Script!

Tutorial, Feature
John Morley and Mark Suszko
Indie Film & Documentary
Shooting Interviews

Shooting Interviews

Whether you shoot surgery, reality shows, documentaries especially, how-to videos, cooking, painting, sculpting, decoy carving name are going to be shooting interviews. Number one tip - be ready for anything. Join Mike Cohen for more great insight into shooting interviews.

Editorial, Feature
Mike Cohen
Business & Marketing
Out of the Box Solutions?

Out of the Box Solutions?

"If only problems stayed in boxes," Tim Wilson muses over the "Making It Up Issue" of Creative COW Magazine. He's also okay with a bunch of new problems. Making things up as you go along means that what looks like the end of the road doesn't have to be the end of the story.

Tim Wilson
Business & Marketing
The Business of Intranet Web Video

The Business of Intranet Web Video

In crafting creative approaches for HR outreach, RHED Pixel has created a new business model for corporate video. They have also discovered time and money-saving approaches useful for every producer.

Tutorial, Feature, Business
Richard Harrington
How to Shoot Footage Your Editor Will Respect

How to Shoot Footage Your Editor Will Respect

When it comes to shooting, David Allison's experience in the editing room has helped him develop parameters that lead to better footage that embodies the sensible values of an efficient shooter.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
David Allison


Professional editing goes open source: top editors describe a powerful editing tool being unleashed on the public.

Review, People / Interview
David Battistella
Corporate Video
The Holiday Gift List

The Holiday Gift List

In this article, CreativeCOW's Jim Harvey takes a look at a few items that might be on any of our holiday gift lists. Take a look and see if you agree.

Jim Harvey
Windows Hardware & Software
HP Skyroom: Power & Simplicity for Remote Workgroup Tasks

HP Skyroom: Power & Simplicity for Remote Workgroup Tasks

In this article, Ron Lindeboom looks at the powerful HP Skyroom technology, which allows team members to interact in high definition video with one another, as they work on projects and approvals remotely. Highly powerful, yet priced within reach of many small to medium-sized companies -- nevertheless, the system is powerful enough for even major players like Dreamworks Animation, who used the system during the making of the blockbuster 'Monsters vs Aliens.' Powerful, elegant, simple to use.

Review, Feature
Ron Lindeboom
Cinefilm's Ron Anderson: da Vinci User Since 1986

Cinefilm's Ron Anderson: da Vinci User Since 1986

In this article, Tim Wilson talks with da Vinci user Ron Anderson in his Part Three look at Blackmagic Design's acquisition of da Vinci Systems. Ron Anderson’s relationship with da Vinci has also taken places over several decades, starting as a customer, and evolving into demo artistry even while he continues working with da Vinci systems at Atlanta’s Cinefilm.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design Buys the Power of daVinci: Part 2

Blackmagic Design Buys the Power of daVinci: Part 2

In this article, Tim Wilson continues his series with his Part Two look at the big news leaking from IBC 2009. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems and with that acquisition comes what Tim refers to as The Power of da Vinci. And for the many that have used da Vinci over the years, they know full well the power of which Tim writes. And for those who might need an introduction to this power, Tim offers these words...

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design Buys DaVinci: Part 1

Blackmagic Design Buys DaVinci: Part 1

In this article, Tim Wilson begins his series on the big news already beginning to leak from IBC 2009. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems and yes, you read that right. BMD owns and will be developing and marketing da Vinci's award-winning colorgrading technology. What's in store? Here's Part One of Tim's look at the fast-breaking news...

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Adobe Premiere Pro
Broadcast Quality at Bargain Prices

Broadcast Quality at Bargain Prices

Brand new to the market and loaded with high-end features, Flanders Scientific has introduced four high definition LCD panels specifically developed for the pro market. With the help of the COW's Walter Biscardi, Jr. and senior telecine colorist Ron Anderson, Nick Griffin offers a first look at these high definition broadcast monitors from FSI.

Review, Feature
Nick Griffin
DVD Authoring
ILY SpartanProILY SpartanPro

Recently, CreativeCOW leader, David Roth Weiss purchased his very first CD and DVD duplicator. After a lot of research he chose the ILY SpartanPro, and it did not take him long to realize that he should not have gone so long without one.

David Roth Weiss
Event Videographers
Stack Tracks: Layered Digital Music

Stack Tracks: Layered Digital Music

In need of some high-end royalty free music that can fit any media professionals budget? Creative Cow Contributing Editor Stephen Smith explains why Digital Juices StackTraxx layered music library can be the perfect solution for your next project.

Stephen Smith
Event Videographers
How to Add Video, Photo and Audio Assets to your Digital Toolbox

How to Add Video, Photo and Audio Assets to your Digital Toolbox

Who doesn't love high quality free stuff? Let Creative COW Contributing Editor Stephen Smith be your maitre d'. He'll provide a menu that will show you some of the best places to get free video, photo and audio assets that will benefit every media professional.

Stephen Smith
Inside HBOs The Wire

Inside HBOs The Wire

Set in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire will begin its fifth and final season in January 2008 on HBO. As different from standard TV as it gets, the show has received the highest levels of critical acclaim, being referred to by multiple reviewers as the best show on television. In its last issue of 2006 Time Magazine ranked The Wire first on its list of 10 Best TV Shows. And Finally recognized as the best series on TV. Sorry, Tony (Soprano), was Newsweeks description. Creative COWs Nick Griffin spent time on set earlier this year and interviewed one of the shows Producers. Heres his inside glimpse into The Wire and its production.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Nick Griffin
Windows Hardware & Software
Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

It starts as a slight twinge in the shoulder, or a prickle in the wrist, a dime-sized knot in the forearm or a tingling somewhere up and down the arm. Whatever the symptoms, the cause is usually the same - RSI or repetitive strain injury or its widely publicized brother, carpal tunnel syndrome. In this article, John David Hutton takes a look at the new Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It could be the answer to protecting yourself from carpal tunnel and other strains.

John David Hutton
Digital Photography
Dean Collins On LightingDean Collins On Lighting

CreativeCOW leader, Mike Gondek examines Dean Collins On Lighting: Live at Brooks Institute of Photography 1991 and published by Software Cinema. Although, this was presented in 1991, Mike believes the content is timeless material.

Mike Gondek
HDV Format
Demystifying HDV Workflows

Demystifying HDV Workflows

Creative COW Leader Tim Kolb uses his HDV expertise to explore the technology behind HDV, and show how it applies inside Final Cut Pro and other NLEs, with a special focus on longer projects. As Tim notes, this is a modified version of a post he made in the HDV forum responding to a question about FCP, but anyone who wants to know about editing HDV needs to check this out.

Tutorial, Feature
Tim Kolb
Apple Final Cut Pro
SAS RAID from Dulce Systems

SAS RAID from Dulce Systems

Creative COW Contributing Editor Bob Zelin talks about the latest step in the Serial Attached Storage revolution: full RAID 5 protection with read speeds over 350 mb/sec. from Dulce Systems. At least that's what Dulce claimed. When he heard the rest of what Dulce had to say, Bob simply didn't believe them. When he put those claims to the test, he got a lot more than he bargained for. Will you?

Bob Zelin
Business & Marketing
Client Management StrategiesClient Management Strategies business leaders Nick Griffin, Walter Biscardi and Aharon Rabinowitz join Creative COW Magazines co-publishers, Tim Wilson and Ron Lindeboom, to discuss choosing clients wisely, managing their expectations with the goal of successful, and enjoyable collaboration, while striving for equitable profits.

Tutorial, People / Interview, Business
Business Roundtable
The Easy Slate System

The Easy Slate System

In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey takes a look at the Easy Slate Professional Slating System. Jim likes the way it looks, and thinks that it makes him more attentive to the small details that he used to let slip past. It's a simple idea with a clever implementation.

Jim Harvey
Motion Graphics
Get What You Need While Shooting Interviews

Get What You Need While Shooting Interviews

In this Creative COW Magazine article, 25-year industry vet Joe Womble helps you cover your bases while shooting interviews for every kind of video.

Joe Womble
AJA Kona - Mac
Cal Digit S2VRHD

Cal Digit S2VRHD

CreativeCOW's Bob Zelin tests a Cal Digit S2VRHD with a host card for a PCI-X computer, and a PCI-E computer. He used the incredible AJA Kona System Test, to evaluate the drive speeds. He was determined to 'break it.' Did he? No. He determined that...''If you want to do uncompressed HD, for a fraction of the price of an Apple Xserve RAID, or other hi end SCSI or Fibre Channel drive arrays, THIS IS YOUR BOX.'' Read the rest to find out why.

Bob Zelin

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