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Fitness in Post
Fitness in Post: From Couch to Star Wars 10K

Fitness in Post: From Couch to Star Wars 10K

"My name is Adam Bedford, I’m a tv editor, and I just ran my first ever 10k." Adam tell us that it was hard to even get started training, having sprained his ankle running from zombies at Comic-Con. And yet...

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Adam Bedford
IBC Expo
IBC: Grass Valley debuts Karrera, LDK 3000+ and Stratus

IBC: Grass Valley debuts Karrera, LDK 3000+ and Stratus

At IBC 2011, Grass Valley introduced several projects that focus on the mid-range market and on solutions. Offerings include the Karrera video production switcher, the LDK 3000+ multiformat HD camera, and the STRATUS Media Workflow Application Framework.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
Inexpensive archiving for tapeless media

Inexpensive archiving for tapeless media

Thousands of members of Creative COW were at the 2011 NAB Show, and we are pleased to bring you some of their reports. In this entry, blogged from NAB 2011, Shane Ross had a mission, which was to search for a reasonably priced archiving solution of tapeless media that all of us not-so-big production and post production people could afford. Look now at Prime CACHE-A and Pro CACHE-A, BRU by the Tolis Group, and Edit Bay Production Desktop with this talented editor.

Shane Ross
Matrox Video Systems
H.264 Matrox Webinar

H.264 Matrox Webinar
  Play Video
In this pre-recorded webinar Francesco Scartozzi and Wayne Andrews discuss H.264. The webinar is focused on understanding H.264, the pain of using it in your creative workflow process, the market trends and the solution to the problems. There is also some great information on various codecs and how computers process them. This webinar is brought to you by Matrox.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial, Feature
Francesco Scartozzi
This Way of Life

This Way of Life

Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Thomas Burstyn inspire readers with their four-year journey by two families to produce a film and experience life with a new perspective. This Way of Life is a film about a family, 50 horses, a mountain, a beach and a burnt down house. Ride along with this incredible filmmaking family as you read their story and prepare to be changed for the better.

Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Thomas Burstyn
Adobe Premiere Pro
Broadcast Quality at Bargain Prices

Broadcast Quality at Bargain Prices

Brand new to the market and loaded with high-end features, Flanders Scientific has introduced four high definition LCD panels specifically developed for the pro market. With the help of the COW's Walter Biscardi, Jr. and senior telecine colorist Ron Anderson, Nick Griffin offers a first look at these high definition broadcast monitors from FSI.

Review, Feature
Nick Griffin
Finding the Heart of the ARRI D20 Digital CameraFinding the Heart of the ARRI D20 Digital Camera

With HD, Thomas says he ''has the ability to finesse color, exposure and contrast in the color correction suite. I used to look down my nose at video but RAW 4:4:4 is more creative, efficient.'' In this Creative COW Magazine article, Thomas Burstyn takes a look at the Arri D20 as he films Sci-Fi's Tin Man.

Thomas Burstyn
Sony EX Series XDCAM
Mastering the Sony PMW-EX1

Mastering the Sony PMW-EX1

In this review, CreativeCOW's Jim Harvey takes a hard look at Mastering the Sony PMW-EX1 from Vortex Media. See why he says: ...''if you are planning on purchasing a SONY PVM-EX1, or want to learn more about tapeless workflow and acquisition, this Workshop course will be an invaluable addition to your knowledge base.''

Jim Harvey
Sony EX Series XDCAM
A Creative Cow Real-time Report: EX1 vs. PD170A Creative Cow Real-time Report: EX1 vs. PD170

In this Creative COW Real Time Report, Don Greening puts the Sony DSR-PD170, long-acknowledged to be a low-light champ, against the newcomer, the PMW EX-1 head to head in a low-light test. Will the upstart unseat the champ? Read on....

Review, Feature
Don Greening
Apple Final Cut Pro
Capture HDV to ProRes in FCP over FireWireCapture HDV to ProRes in FCP over FireWire

One of the features that snuck into the new edition of Final Cut Studio is that you can now capture HDV directly to ProRes over FireWire! There are a couple of issues you'll want to consider, but Chris Poisson, a Cow member since 2001, takes you step by step through a process that can make a big difference to the way you edit HDV in Final Cut Pro from now on.

Chris Poisson
Compression techniques
Jim Harvey reviews

Jim Harvey reviews

A DVD about compression gets an enthusiastic 5 Cow rating? Really? Really! Contributing Editor Jim Harvey takes you inside the new Creative Cow Master Series DVD by Aharon Rabinowitz, "Creating Web Video: Internet Killed the Video Star." See why Jim thinks this is one of the most essential --- and enjoyable -- training DVDs you can buy.

Jim Harvey
HD High-End
Shane Ross Reports: IBC 2007

Shane Ross Reports: IBC 2007

Creative COW leader Shane Ross saved you a trip to Amsterdam -- further for some Cows than others, but pretty far for most. As always, you can count on Shane to tell you exactly what he thinks about what he saw: AJA, Sony XDCAM EX, Edit Share, and That Other Camera.

Shane Ross
Adobe After Effects
Interlacing Progressive FootageInterlacing Progressive Footage

Weve all heard of de-interlacing footage, but what about re-interlacing? Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media shows us how -- and why -- to create interlaced footage from a progressive source. The results are picture perfect!

Marco Solorio
CalDigit HDPro: RAID 5 and Beyond!CalDigit HDPro: RAID 5 and Beyond!

Creative Cow Leader Shane Ross shares the great news: both performance and protection with CalDigits new HDPro RAID! Supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6, the HDPro even works with your laptop. Its the answer to Shanes prayers. He thinks it might be the answer to yours too.

Shane Ross
Art of the Edit
Ergonomics for COWsErgonomics for COWs

The question was asked in the Avid Editing COW: 'After eight years of working on a computer, my wrist hurts within an hour. Anyone else getting carpel tunnel? What can I do to prevent major damage?' Dave Anselmi, a T'ai Ch'i Instructor for over 10 years and whose friend is an Ergonomics Specialist, was quick to the rescue with this great advice.

Dave Anselmi
HDV Format
Demystifying HDV Workflows

Demystifying HDV Workflows

Creative COW Leader Tim Kolb uses his HDV expertise to explore the technology behind HDV, and show how it applies inside Final Cut Pro and other NLEs, with a special focus on longer projects. As Tim notes, this is a modified version of a post he made in the HDV forum responding to a question about FCP, but anyone who wants to know about editing HDV needs to check this out.

Tutorial, Feature
Tim Kolb
Apple Final Cut Pro
SAS RAID from Dulce Systems

SAS RAID from Dulce Systems

Creative COW Contributing Editor Bob Zelin talks about the latest step in the Serial Attached Storage revolution: full RAID 5 protection with read speeds over 350 mb/sec. from Dulce Systems. At least that's what Dulce claimed. When he heard the rest of what Dulce had to say, Bob simply didn't believe them. When he put those claims to the test, he got a lot more than he bargained for. Will you?

Bob Zelin
The Easy Slate System

The Easy Slate System

In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey takes a look at the Easy Slate Professional Slating System. Jim likes the way it looks, and thinks that it makes him more attentive to the small details that he used to let slip past. It's a simple idea with a clever implementation.

Jim Harvey
HDV Format
Building the Perfect HDV KeyBuilding the Perfect HDV Key

In the first of our Creative COW Magazine Web Extras, we begin with Stephen Smiths outstanding article on setting up an area for proper keying from the May-June 2007 edition. His article covers every option for setting up and lighting perfect keys. Here, we look at the best advice around The COWs online communities for pulling keys from HDV footage.

Tutorial, Feature
Tim Wilson
The Harbortronics DigiSnap 2000 Series Intervalometer

The Harbortronics DigiSnap 2000 Series Intervalometer

In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey takes a look at the The Harbortronics DigiSnap 2000 Series Intervalometer to create some time lapse photography, and concludes that adding a DigiSnap 2000 series intervalometer to his equipment kit is just good business sense.

Jim Harvey
HD High-End
Building a Modern Professional Editing Room

Building a Modern Professional Editing Room

In this Creative COW magazine article Bob Zelin discusses what it takes to build a professional, modern, nonlinear editing machine room. Bob covers storage, monitors, scopes, audio mixers, routing, power, cables and more.

Tutorial, Feature
Bob Zelin
AJA Kona - Mac
Cal Digit S2VRHD

Cal Digit S2VRHD

CreativeCOW's Bob Zelin tests a Cal Digit S2VRHD with a host card for a PCI-X computer, and a PCI-E computer. He used the incredible AJA Kona System Test, to evaluate the drive speeds. He was determined to 'break it.' Did he? No. He determined that...''If you want to do uncompressed HD, for a fraction of the price of an Apple Xserve RAID, or other hi end SCSI or Fibre Channel drive arrays, THIS IS YOUR BOX.'' Read the rest to find out why.

Bob Zelin
HDV Format
VisionLab Studio/CompositeLab/Effects Lab from Fxhome

VisionLab Studio/CompositeLab/Effects Lab from Fxhome

In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey takes a look at Vision Lab Studio, Composite Lab and Effects Lab from Fxhome. Read on to find out why Jim calls it 'professional compositing on a budget.'

Jim Harvey
AJA Kona - Mac
AJA HD10AVA Converter

AJA HD10AVA Converter

CreativeCOW's Bob Zelin discusses how to turn your HDV VTR into a professional product using the amazing AJA HD10AVA converter. It takes the analog component HD signal from your Sony or JVC HDV VTR, and converts it to an HD-SDI signal that can go right into the HD-SDI input of your capture card.

Bob Zelin
HDV Format
Sony Vegas 7

Sony Vegas 7

In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey reviews Sony Vegas 7 and concludes, ''...It Just Keeps Getting Better. For the money, you 'd be hard pressed to find a better editing program.''

Jim Harvey

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