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Imagineer Systems Tutorials

Adobe After Effects
Separating Elements using Mocha 2 Tracking

Separating Elements using Mocha 2 Tracking
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In this video tutorial Andrew Devis will show you how to separate out different elements in your footage to layers so that you can apply color correction or effects in completely different ways on each layer for that unique look you're looking for. Firstly, Andrew will show you how hard it is to separate elements natively using AE native tracker and then how easy it is to do using Mocha 2 tracking for AE.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Andrew Devis
Imagineer Systems
Imagineer's Mocha Version 2

Imagineer's Mocha Version 2

In this article, CreativeCOW leader Brendan Coots takes a look at Imagineer's Mocha Version 2, a standalone 2D tracking and rotoscoping tool. Read on to see what impressions Brendan's experience with this powerful and innovative tool yielded.

Brendan Coots
Adobe After Effects
Motion Tracking and Stabilization in Adobe After Effects

Motion Tracking and Stabilization in Adobe After Effects

In this product review, CreativeCOW's Roland R. Kahlenberg, takes a look at Pete O'Connell's latest training DVD, Motion Tracking and Stabilization in Adobe After Effects, The training covers various topics within the field and is a must-have for beginners and intermediate users of AE's or Mocha's tracking toolset.

Roland R. Kahlenberg
Imagineer Systems
Mocha v2 for After Effects

Mocha v2 for After Effects

In this article, CreativeCOW leader Brendan Coots takes a look at Mocha v2 for AE and concludes that overall, Mocha v2 for After Effects is fast, friendly and cost effective, making it an excellent choice for freelancers and major studios alike.

Brendan Coots
Mocha | Mokey | Monet | Motor
The Gatorade Effect Using Mocha: Part TwoThe Gatorade Effect Using Mocha: Part Two
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In this part two Mocha video tutorial from Aaron Zander, we take a look at linking splines to other tracks, adjusting tracks and keyframes, and rendering.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Aaron Zander
mocha | mocha AE | mocha Pro
The Gatorade Effect Using Mocha: Part One

The Gatorade Effect Using Mocha: Part One
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In this video tutorial, Aaron Zander takes an introductory look at Imagineers Mocha and its toolset. Aaron also demonstrates some basic rotoscoping to be applied into a Gatorade style look.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Aaron Zander
Adobe After Effects
Perspective Corner Pin Effect

Perspective Corner Pin Effect
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In this Tutorial, Creative Cow Leader Aharon Rabinowitz shows you a complete workflow for using Imagineer Systems Mocha with Adobe After Effects to create a perspective corner pin effect - an effect typically used for sign replacement or compositing video on a computer or television screen. Even if youre not using After Effects as your compositing application, you will still find the lesson extremely useful, as it focuses almost entirely on the use of Mochas powerful 2.5D planar tracking system. After Effects users not using Mocha will also find some of the compositing tips at the end very helpful as well.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Aharon Rabinowitz

Brendan Coots (2)
Andrew Devis (1)
Roland R. Kahlenberg (1)
Aharon Rabinowitz (1)
Aaron Zander (2)

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