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Leitch dpsVelocity Tutorials

Art of the Edit
Ergonomics for COWsErgonomics for COWs

The question was asked in the Avid Editing COW: 'After eight years of working on a computer, my wrist hurts within an hour. Anyone else getting carpel tunnel? What can I do to prevent major damage?' Dave Anselmi, a T'ai Ch'i Instructor for over 10 years and whose friend is an Ergonomics Specialist, was quick to the rescue with this great advice.

Dave Anselmi
Windows Hardware & Software
Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

It starts as a slight twinge in the shoulder, or a prickle in the wrist, a dime-sized knot in the forearm or a tingling somewhere up and down the arm. Whatever the symptoms, the cause is usually the same - RSI or repetitive strain injury or its widely publicized brother, carpal tunnel syndrome. In this article, John David Hutton takes a look at the new Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It could be the answer to protecting yourself from carpal tunnel and other strains.

John David Hutton
Indie Film & Documentary
Formats, Color Bit-Depths, Data Rates and Storage Requirements

Formats, Color Bit-Depths, Data Rates and Storage Requirements

In this chart, Creative COW Magazine shows readers the various data-rates, formats and codecs in use in video production and how much hard drive space is required when using each of these formats.

Ron Lindeboom
Leitch dpsVelocity
Batch Export Script

Batch Export Script

In this article, John David Hutton explains the batch export script he has written and how to use it to automate the exporting of multiple timelines with the same format in Velocity.

John David Hutton
Leitch dpsVelocity
VelocityHD and VelocityQ Training 101

VelocityHD and VelocityQ Training 101

Creative Cow leader Lyn Norstad takes a look at Mike Harper's unique DVD video training program for the Velocity HD and Velocity Q packages from Leitch (now a division Harris.)

Lyn Norstad
Adobe Premiere Pro
TBC Crossfire X-K3 Non-linear Editing Console

TBC Crossfire X-K3 Non-linear Editing Console

With people continually asking, "what edit desk do you use?" here at the COW forums, Creative Cow forum leader, Marco Solorio hopes to settle this question once and for all with his in-depth review of TBC's Crossfire X-K3 edit console. If you're in the market for a new editor's console or are just curious to know what's "out there", this should give you all the information you need to base your own judgment.

Marco Solorio
Leitch dpsVelocity
Virtual AVI in Leitch dpsVelocity

Virtual AVI in Leitch dpsVelocity

Virtual AVI: It sounds kind of cryptic but it's a very cool thing Leitch provides to VelocityQ users for free. In this article, John David Hutton tells us why and how to use it. Think of it as a translator - it's the middle-man between your AVI-loving apps and your proprietary video format (files with extension .dps). It does 2 things, it lets you render OUT dps files from programs that wouldn't normally allow this and it lets you bring in dps files into programs that wouldn't normally allow it.

John David Hutton
Leitch dpsVelocity
Capturing Windows Media Directly using Leitch Velocity plug-ins

Capturing Windows Media Directly using Leitch Velocity plug-ins

Among many of Velocity's strengths is its plug-ins. Using one of these plug-ins in the ''Qtools'' bundle (free), you can actually capture to windows media or real media directly, without capturing to hard drives first and then crunching. In this tutorial, John David Hutton demonstrates a windows media capture but the steps should be very similar for real media.

John David Hutton
Adobe After Effects
After Effects and the VTFS System from dps Velocity

After Effects and the VTFS System from dps Velocity

The Virtual Tape File System in Leitch dpsVelocity is the most fascinating design and John David's most favorite feature of the software. With the VTFS you can actually take an existing image sequence (targa, tif, others are supported) and bring it into your editing NLE without having to render it to a proprietary format first. You can also take a captured clip and copy the image sequence of that capture to another computer without ever exporting anything in the NLE first! In this tutorial, leader, John David Hutton demonstrates how to use After Effects with the VFTS System.

John David Hutton
Adobe Premiere Pro
AAF and MXF: Advanced Authoring Format

AAF and MXF: Advanced Authoring Format

Many products that media professionals now use have AAF or will have it in the near future. Some dont have it and some companies have no plans to add it to their product offerings. Why is Advanced Authoring Format important to media pros? Who has it? What tools use it and what does it bring to you and your studios capabilities? Advanced Authoring Format and/or Media Exchange Format are project interchange formats that are creating the framework by which media professionals will work more collaboratively and productively in the days ahead. Its time for us to contact our manufacturers and providers and let them know why AAF is important to us and why well buy it if they add it. In this report, Marisu Fronc looks at the technology and the companies supporting it and why...

Editorial, Feature
Marisu Fronc
Adobe After Effects
Jerry Hofmann reviews StageToolsJerry Hofmann reviews StageTools

MovingPicture from StageTools is a dedicated program made for panning and zooming high resolution photographs for inclusion into projects edited in all the popular NLE's. In this article, Jerry Hofmann gives his impression of this great tool.

Jerry Hofmann

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