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Lighting Design Pros Tutorials

TV & Movie Appreciation
Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, 1930 - 2016 - Remembering the Genius

Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, 1930 - 2016 - Remembering the Genius

Winner of an Academy Award for Best Cinematography for his work on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the long list of official accolades for Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC doesn't begin to illustrate the impact his work has had on generations of artists around the world. Friend, colleague, and Global Cinematography Institute co-founder Yuri Neyman, ASC shares some of his memories with us.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Yuri Neyman, ASC
Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Shooting Trent & Isabella: Blackmagic Firmware & Indie Film

Shooting Trent & Isabella: Blackmagic Firmware & Indie Film

Paul Del Vecchio is a filmmaker with an independent spirit. When he had the chance to beta test Blackmagic's new firmware on the Cinema Camera while serving as director of photography on the indie film "Trent & Isabella," he found that the new debayer process became a huge asset to getting the raw-like images he wanted without the price of storage and processing. Less time and money spent there means more focus on the film's visual style which ranges from spaghetti western to film noir.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Kylee Peña
The Making of 1000 to 1: Lenses & Lighting For The RED Epic

The Making of 1000 to 1: Lenses & Lighting For The RED Epic

Working with Angenieux on new lens solutions for the RED Epic, wrestling freakish gym fluorescent lighting, wrangling national park filming permits: these were just a few of the challenges facing cinematographer and co-producer (and Digital Cinema Society founder) James Mathers in the making of "1000 to 1," an inspirational indie drama to be released later this year. James tells a remarkable tale of the lengths one production went to make their film look much bigger than its budget, with practical advice for filmmakers on every scale.

Editorial, People / Interview
James Mathers
Lighting Design Pros
NAB 2012: Litepanels

NAB 2012: Litepanels

At NAB 2012, Litepanels part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, introduced the Croma on-camera LED lighting fixture, the Inca Series tungsten balanced LED Fresnel fixtures, the Sola 4 Daylight Balanced LED Fresnel and the Sola ENG Flight Kit. The company also offered a $100 rebate on the purchases of the Croma variable color temperature LED light and the Sola EMG LED Fresnel lighting fixture.

Debra Kaufman
Indie Film & Documentary
Shooting Interviews

Shooting Interviews

Whether you shoot surgery, reality shows, documentaries especially, how-to videos, cooking, painting, sculpting, decoy carving name are going to be shooting interviews. Number one tip - be ready for anything. Join Mike Cohen for more great insight into shooting interviews.

Editorial, Feature
Mike Cohen
Behind the Lens: Bobby Bukowski, Cinematographer

Behind the Lens: Bobby Bukowski, Cinematographer

Bobby Bukowski offers an inside look at one of the first features shot with ARRI Alexa ProRes, and how the camera completely reshaped the cinematographer's approach to 360-lighting. Bobby also talks about the DP's role as one of the characters on a set where actors don't rehearse, and preparation is the key.

Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
ARRI's big year for products and partnerships

ARRI's big year for products and partnerships

Thousands of members of Creative COW were at the 2011 NAB Show, and we are pleased to bring you some of their reports. In this entry with Debra Kaufman reporting, Alexa M, LED Fresnels and the Cameron-Pace Group partnership are highlights.

Debra Kaufman
Behind the Lens: Paul Cameron, ASC

Behind the Lens: Paul Cameron, ASC

"Henry's Crime", described by DP Paul Cameron, ASC as a "fable of sorts...with a folkloric beauty" is the topic as Debra Kaufman interviews Paul Cameron. Facing challenges such as limited budget, a short shooting schedule, difficult lighting and -20 degrees Fahrenheit weather all add to the mystique of a film playing out in a "classics style" storybook effect and elegant cinematography. Join Paul and Debra for a look behind making this fascinating tale come to life.

Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
Field Production
Anton/Bauer Tandem 150 Modular Power System

Anton/Bauer Tandem 150 Modular Power System

Want to charge an Anton/Bauer battery in just about any situation, whether wall power is available or not? Anton/Bauer's small, lightweight Tandem 150 is what you need.

Helmut Kobler
Lighting Design Pros
Litepanels SolaENG Review: On-Camera LED Light

Litepanels SolaENG Review: On-Camera LED Light

There are plenty of power-sipping LED lights that you can mount atop cameras, but very few have enough punch to fill up large spaces, or cut through daylight. Litepanels finally has such a light in the Sola ENG. It's powerful, controllable, and in some cases, a little loud.

Helmut Kobler
RED Camera
Reproducing Rainbows: Color in the Digital Environment

Reproducing Rainbows: Color in the Digital Environment

As digital photography and cinematography reach further into the digital media landscape, and your captured images can be viewed on a vast range of media, the need for standardizing color has become more invaluable than ever. Imagine trying to get a consistent hue of green or blue or teal across multiple platforms. So, it becomes easy to understand why it's important to have a color reference chart for each new scenes' lighting conditions. All of the formats carry specific gamma and color spaces to reproduce color. The chart is the point of agreement. In this review, David Battistella reviews the RED Cambook from DSC Labs, which readily addresses these concerns. Read on for David's findings...

David Battistella
DSLRs: A Time Exposure

DSLRs: A Time Exposure

Robert Primes, ASC is watching the progress of DSLR video, and sees some remarkable visions of the future of cinematography. Read on for his detailed review...

Review, Feature, People / Interview
Robert Primes, ASC
Indie Film & Documentary
Coacoochee's Story

Coacoochee's Story

Highly complex multi-media installations -- at least the successful ones -- are only possible through careful planning, intense cooperation, and a willingness to turn the picture on its side.

Feature, People / Interview
Mike Sullivan
Lighting Design Pros
Lighting with ShadowsLighting with Shadows

In this extended version of his article in the Creative Cow Visual Effects Issue, lighting expert and instructor Rick Wise draws on his decades of experience to illustrate how shadows can be the most important part of how a scene is lit. Learn how to control the direction and quality of your lighting design to add texture, dimension, and force to your images.

Rick Wise
Lighting Design Pros
Westward Ho!Westward Ho!

A wild ride of an edit: shot on film, projected onto five screens. In this Creative COW Magazine article Mike Sullivan discusses some of the problems such as lighting and color interaction he faced in a project he did for National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming.

People / Interview
Mike Sullivan
Adobe After Effects
Poets of the Fall/Stobe Harju Music VideosPoets of the Fall/Stobe Harju Music Videos

Creative COW Magazines Music Video issue featured a look at the making of Poets of the Falls Carnival of Rust, one of the most imaginative music videos we have seen. Created in Helsinki, Finland by director Stobe Harju and director of photography Eki Halkka, you can read about the making of Carnival of Rust in our free Music Video issue, and here in this magazine extras page you will find links to the videos, interview podcasts, more on the band, their music, as well as the music videos of Stobe and Eki.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Eki Halkka
Inside HBOs The Wire

Inside HBOs The Wire

Set in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire will begin its fifth and final season in January 2008 on HBO. As different from standard TV as it gets, the show has received the highest levels of critical acclaim, being referred to by multiple reviewers as the best show on television. In its last issue of 2006 Time Magazine ranked The Wire first on its list of 10 Best TV Shows. And Finally recognized as the best series on TV. Sorry, Tony (Soprano), was Newsweeks description. Creative COWs Nick Griffin spent time on set earlier this year and interviewed one of the shows Producers. Heres his inside glimpse into The Wire and its production.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Nick Griffin
Digital Photography
Dean Collins On LightingDean Collins On Lighting

CreativeCOW leader, Mike Gondek examines Dean Collins On Lighting: Live at Brooks Institute of Photography 1991 and published by Software Cinema. Although, this was presented in 1991, Mike believes the content is timeless material.

Mike Gondek
Lighting Design Pros
HandsOnHDV: How to Setup, Light & Shoot Great Looking Interviews

HandsOnHDV: How to Setup, Light & Shoot Great Looking Interviews

In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey takes a look at one of the newest titles from HandsOnHDV called How to Setup, Light & Shoot Great Looking Interviews and has determined that this is a 5 cow instructional DVD that you really can't be without.

Jim Harvey
Lighting Design Pros
Low Cost Professional Lighting Solutions

Low Cost Professional Lighting Solutions

In this article, Leo Ticheli looks at some of the lower-cost options for acheiving beautifully lit professional lighting design for your shoots. These solutions aren't the 'G.E. bulb in a cardboard box' solutions that some try to point to as acceptable low-cost lighting -- but if you are looking for true professional lighting done on a budget, then Leo has some great information for you...

Tutorial, Feature
Leo Ticheli
Lighting Design Pros
Shooting for Chromakeying

Shooting for Chromakeying

In addition to his tutorial on how to pull a usable matte from badly lit blue or green screens, Barend Onneweer has put together a list of things to consider when shooting for chromakeying.

Barend Onneweer

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