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Creative COW Turns 15! A Celebration of Being Uncool

Creative COW Turns 15! A Celebration of Being Uncool

15 years is a long time on the internet! Travel back with us to the days before YouTube, social media, digital cinema, smartphones, iPods and all the rest, back to the founding of Creative COW by Ronald & Kathlyn Lindeboom in April 2001. Join us for an insider's look at the earliest days of the professional digital video revolution, all the way through the events that have shaped the world's largest community of media professionals, right here at Creative COW.

Editorial, Feature
Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini: 4K Monitoring & So Much More

Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini: 4K Monitoring & So Much More

When Blackmagic asked broadcast engineer, systems designer, and all-around straight shooter Bob Zelin to take a look at the new Teranex Mini line, he told them no. Converter stories are too boring. Just one problem, though: his clients couldn't see pictures out of their SDI gear going into HDMI inputs of consumer 4K TVs. BMD promised that one of the Minis would do the trick, and it did -- but Bob was pleasantly surprised to find even more than he was looking for! Find out why he calls the Teranex Mini lineup a no-brainer, and what it might be able to do for you. Read more...

Editorial, Feature
Bob Zelin


Bob Zelin applies decades of engineering and facility design experience to finding products from the 2015 NAB Show that will make a real-world difference for you on a daily basis. Here's Bob's take on everything from thumb drives to 40GigE.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Bob Zelin
TV & Movie Appreciation
Creating the 3D in Gravity

Creating the 3D in Gravity

Gravity, the highly-acclaimed, intensely emotional space thriller, has been hailed as some of the - if not the VERY - best 3D footage ever seen on the big screen. This has led to some surprise when learning that Gravity was NOT shot in 3D. However, it wasn't entirely converted in post either. It featured an innovative and unique workflow that incorporated 3D conversion during production as well as a complex integration with 3D VFX. In a conversation with Prime Focus World, we find out how they did it.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
IBC 2013 Wrap Up

IBC 2013 Wrap Up

Broadcast Engineer Ryan Salazar wraps up his perspective on IBC 2013, the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Ryan Salazar
Behind the Lens: Paul Cameron ASC on Total Recall

Behind the Lens: Paul Cameron ASC on Total Recall

Paul Cameron, ASC, just finished work on the remake of Total Recall, directed by Len Wiseman and starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel with Bill Nighy, Bryan Cranston, and John Cho. Cameron was last featured in Creative COW for his work on Henry's Crime. His previous credits include director Michael Mann's Collateral and Tony Scott's Man on Fire.

Paul Cameron, ASC
Business & Marketing
Recalling our First Five Years in Print

Recalling our First Five Years in Print

The Power of Dreaming: Forging Visions that Work. That is the standard that we at Creative COW strive to unite under. In just five years, the COW Magazine has moved from the realms of dreams to a market leader. Read on for founder Ron Lindeboom's personal remembrances and inspiration, and what constantly keeps us at the COW motivated for further achievement -- you, our readers and members.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview, Project
Ron Lindeboom
Telestream Episode
The ABC Player App for iPad: Start Here

The ABC Player App for iPad: Start Here

ABC has been the first network on virtually every new platform. Here is how their workflow has evolved to reach viewers, wherever and however they’re watching.

Feature, People / Interview
Robert Longwell
Field Production
Shooting True First-Person Interviews

Shooting True First-Person Interviews

Tom Miller, a 20 year cinematographer, shares some of his interview secrets with Creative COW members. Inspired by the Academy Award®-winning documentary film "Fog of War", where Robert McNamara looks directly into the lens as he talks about the trials and tribulations of the Vietnam War, Tom moves to recreate this unnerving and powerful effect in his own work. Draw from Tom's vast expertise to communicate with your audience in a memorable experience.

Feature, People / Interview
Thomas Miller
Windows Hardware & Software
HP Skyroom: Power & Simplicity for Remote Workgroup Tasks

HP Skyroom: Power & Simplicity for Remote Workgroup Tasks

In this article, Ron Lindeboom looks at the powerful HP Skyroom technology, which allows team members to interact in high definition video with one another, as they work on projects and approvals remotely. Highly powerful, yet priced within reach of many small to medium-sized companies -- nevertheless, the system is powerful enough for even major players like Dreamworks Animation, who used the system during the making of the blockbuster 'Monsters vs Aliens.' Powerful, elegant, simple to use.

Review, Feature
Ron Lindeboom
Cinefilm's Ron Anderson: da Vinci User Since 1986

Cinefilm's Ron Anderson: da Vinci User Since 1986

In this article, Tim Wilson talks with da Vinci user Ron Anderson in his Part Three look at Blackmagic Design's acquisition of da Vinci Systems. Ron Anderson’s relationship with da Vinci has also taken places over several decades, starting as a customer, and evolving into demo artistry even while he continues working with da Vinci systems at Atlanta’s Cinefilm.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design Buys the Power of daVinci: Part 2

Blackmagic Design Buys the Power of daVinci: Part 2

In this article, Tim Wilson continues his series with his Part Two look at the big news leaking from IBC 2009. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems and with that acquisition comes what Tim refers to as The Power of da Vinci. And for the many that have used da Vinci over the years, they know full well the power of which Tim writes. And for those who might need an introduction to this power, Tim offers these words...

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design Buys DaVinci: Part 1

Blackmagic Design Buys DaVinci: Part 1

In this article, Tim Wilson begins his series on the big news already beginning to leak from IBC 2009. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems and yes, you read that right. BMD owns and will be developing and marketing da Vinci's award-winning colorgrading technology. What's in store? Here's Part One of Tim's look at the fast-breaking news...

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Tim Wilson
Broadcast Design
InvigoMany Vol. 1 -- Sports Objects & More for Broadcast Designers

InvigoMany Vol. 1 -- Sports Objects & More for Broadcast Designers

In this article, Mark Harvey, longtime leader in Creative Cow and a noted broadcast designer/editor, gives readers a look at Invigomany, Vol. 1: Sports from Serge Hamad -- the newest release of the Creative Cow master tools.

Mark Harvey

Mark Harvey (1)
Paul Cameron, ASC (2)
Ron Lindeboom (2)
Robert Longwell (1)
Thomas Miller (1)
Ryan Salazar (1)
Tim Wilson (4)
Bob Zelin (2)

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