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RED Camera
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Behind the Scenes with RED

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Behind the Scenes with RED

Anticipation for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was already heated up when director James Gunn announced that it was to be the first feature film captured with the RED WEAPON camera using an 8K RED DRAGON VV sensor. In this marvelous behind the scenes featurette courtesy RED Digital Cinema, James discusses the decision to use the RED WEAPON, and how it played out with director of photography Henry Braham, BSC. Both of them found the combination of the massive sensor and small form factor incredibly compelling, providing them the technology to capture the epic scale of the action, in a package small enough to allow them to get exceptionally close to the scenes of genuine intimacy that are this series' secret weapon. (See what we did there?)

Editorial, Feature
Tim Wilson
RED Camera
Don Burgess aligns with Light Iron and Panavision for ALLIED

Don Burgess aligns with Light Iron and Panavision for ALLIED

Don Burgess, ASC trusts Light Iron. His last seven films can attest, so Burgess chose Light Iron to support him again with digital dailies and post finishing services on Allied. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, the World War II-set film sees an intelligence officer's romance with a French Resistance fighter tested when high command thinks a double agent might be in play.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview, Business, Project
COW News
RED Camera
House of Cards

House of Cards

Netflix is distributing all 13 episodes of its first season House of Cards at once, on streaming platforms. That's not all that makes this new political drama series unique. With David Fincher as an executive producer and director of the first two episodes, you'd expect a digitally-savvy pipeline and you'd be correct. In this story, Fincher's post production supervisor Peter Mavromates and assistant editor Tyler Nelson talk about how FotoKem's newly evolved nextLAB system played a role in streamlining the post pipeline.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
RED Camera
Reproducing Rainbows: Color in the Digital Environment

Reproducing Rainbows: Color in the Digital Environment

As digital photography and cinematography reach further into the digital media landscape, and your captured images can be viewed on a vast range of media, the need for standardizing color has become more invaluable than ever. Imagine trying to get a consistent hue of green or blue or teal across multiple platforms. So, it becomes easy to understand why it's important to have a color reference chart for each new scenes' lighting conditions. All of the formats carry specific gamma and color spaces to reproduce color. The chart is the point of agreement. In this review, David Battistella reviews the RED Cambook from DSC Labs, which readily addresses these concerns. Read on for David's findings...

David Battistella
RED Camera
Exposing the RED MX

Exposing the RED MX

David Battistella looks at the RED camera, an offering from a company that have now delivered over 7000 cameras to customers worldwide. David examines exposure techniques for the MX sensor and gives us an upgraded review and updated vision of the best exposure practices. Read on for the details of this highly informative product review...

David Battistella
RED Camera
Exposing the RED: Perfect Exposure, Every Time

Exposing the RED: Perfect Exposure, Every Time

Director DP, REDtrepreneur, early adopter and obsessed student of the RED camera system David Battistella takes a closer look at how to hit the sweet spot on the RED sensor. David shows how understanding REDs inner workings will help you expose your scene just right, every time.

David Battistella
RED Camera
Under the Gun with RED One

Under the Gun with RED One

Dylan Reeve and a small team of New Zealand filmmakers had 48 hours to get their assignment, write a script, direct, shoot and post their film, then hand in the finished show...oh yeah, and refine their RED shooting and editing skills under the gun while trying to beat out 230 other teams! Sound wild? You have no idea....

Dylan Reeve
RED Camera
Shooting with RED: Testing, testing...

Shooting with RED: Testing, testing...

CreativeCOW leader Gary Adcock's experience shooting both film and HD gives him a unique perspective as he takes you along for thorough testing with the new RED camera. In part 1 of this series, he focuses on the camera's benefits and shortcomings of the camera itself, as well as some of the challenges shooting with it.

Gary Adcock
RED Camera
RED: Early Workflow Findings

RED: Early Workflow Findings

In this real world video production RED Camera review from The Creative COW Magazine, Aaron Zander discusses how The Brooks Institute students put RED ONE through the paces of a student production. Here are their findings.

Aaron Zander
RED Camera
Dress for Success with RED

Dress for Success with RED

Not all production with the RED camera is Hollywood-scale. Craig Meadows is in a smaller market, doing mostly local and regional spots. Even though he's only had his RED for a short time, he tells you here about how it works, its workflow, and how it's already making a big difference for his clients.

Craig Meadows
RED Camera
Seeing RED in Montreal: A Creative COW Real Time Report

Seeing RED in Montreal: A Creative COW Real Time Report

None of the RED cameras have yet made their way into an owner's hands in Montreal, so Mathieu Marano helped arrange an introduction for the Final Cut Montreal user group. In this Creative COW Real Time Report, he shares the details of that meeting, as well as his first experiences with RED post-production workflow. Since this is a real time report, stay tuned for updates as Mathieu and the producers of Montreal learn more.

Mathieu Marano


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