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SAN - Storage Area Networks
Affordable, Easy LTO Archiving

Affordable, Easy LTO Archiving

It's a simple idea: your stuff is precious, but there's too much of it to easily store. The world of LTO seems expensive and confusing, and straight talk is hard to come by. Well, it happens that Creative COW's Bob Zelin is the master of straight talk, and has had to learn a lot about archiving to help his clients meet their needs. Here's what Bob has found as he looks at the latest and greatest technology and projects for affordable, easy LTO archiving.

Editorial, Feature
Bob Zelin
NAB Expo
NAB 2013: JMR Electronics

NAB 2013: JMR Electronics

Chatsworth, California-based JMR Electronics came to NAB with an expanded suite of SilverStor Desktop products, a cloud-ready SAS/SATA/SSD RAID solution, server and workstation. Starting at $5,000, the SilverStor family now includes SilverStor's 4-Bay and 8-Bay SAS/SATA JBOD/RAID systems, 3-slot and 5-slot PCIe systems, and latest ATX and Desktop/Rackmount Workstations. Also showcased in the JMR booth was The Creative-Cartel's Joust, which collects metadata and offers tools to streamline reviews, bid packages, watermarking, vendor submissions, plate pulls and transcoding.

Editorial, Feature
Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
NAB 2013: JB&A, SNS, Square Box, Telestream

NAB 2013: JB&A, SNS, Square Box, Telestream

At JB&A's annual Pre-NAB Special Event, the media management company brought together a range of companies representing the entire production/post pipeline, to show off a range of workflow solutions. Some of those companies included Christie, which showcased its new Phoenix content management system; Square Box, which unveiled Version 10.0 of its CatDV Digital Asset Management software; Studio Network Solutions (SNS), which debuted EVO v5, major hardware and OS upgrade to its EVO shared storage server; and Telestream, which introduced new products and capabilities for its Vantge video transcoding and workflow orchestration products.

Editorial, Feature
Debra Kaufman
Archiving and Back-Up
NAB 2013: Bob Zelin: The Evolution & Revolution

NAB 2013: Bob Zelin: The Evolution & Revolution

Calling Bob Zelin one of the industry's most respected voices of engineering and systems experience is an understatement. (We might also have to add "most feared.") For over 20 years, he has been at the leading edge of building next-generation post houses and broadcast facilities using the latest, greatest, and most affordable new technology. He's also been around long enough to have seen through an awful lot of hype, so when Bob drops the "R" word, it's because he really believes it's revolutionary himself. His coverage of the 2013 NAB Show is once again don't-miss reading.

Editorial, Feature
Bob Zelin
NAB Expo
Tips for Attending NAB From A Convention Veteran

Tips for Attending NAB From A Convention Veteran

Walter Biscardi tells us, "Once again, springtime is upon us, so of course, it's time for the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention. Last year y'all seemed to like the before you go tips, so may I present the 2013 edition of 'Tips from an NAB Veteran to make the best use of your time'."

Editorial, Feature
Walter Biscardi
NAB Expo
Zelinizing NAB 2012! Bob Zelin: The Future is Wide Open

Zelinizing NAB 2012! Bob Zelin: The Future is Wide Open

Industry leader, visionary, and wielder of baseball bats and shotguns Bob Zelin takes a look at the world through NAB-colored glasses and sees that, from now on, anything goes.

Editorial, Feature
Bob Zelin
Digital Delivery
NAB 2012: JMR Electronics

NAB 2012: JMR Electronics

JMR Electronics introduced a suite of new cloud-ready servers and workstations at NAB 2012. New products include SilverStor Desktop/Rackmount Workstation and Server, SilverStor 3 and 5 Slot PCIe Extenders, BlueStor 1U Cloud Server/Metadata Controller, BlueStor Modular Appliance, BlueStor Rapid, Encode Video Server, and BlueStor 3U Networked Storage Server. The company also its sponsorship of RED Digital Cinema's Camp RED this August in Hollywood.

Debra Kaufman
SAN - Storage Area Networks
NAB 2012: ATTO Technology

NAB 2012: ATTO Technology

ATTO Technology showcased its entire line of storage and network connectivity products at NAB 2012, including its new Thunderbolt Desklink devices ThunderLink and ThunderStream. Also featured was a technology demonstration of the Celerity 16Gb/s Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), the FastStream SC SAS/SATA RAID Storage Controller with 8Gb/s Fibre Channel connectivity to SAS/SATA storage, ExpressSAS 6Gb/x SAS/SATA Host Bus and RAID Adapters and FastFrame 10Gb/s Ethernet Network Interface Cards.

Debra Kaufman
SAN - Storage Area Networks
XenData and Harmonic Introduce Integrated Broadcast Archive System

XenData and Harmonic Introduce Integrated Broadcast Archive System

Two companies, XenData and Harmonic, enable LTO-5 robotic archive storage solution with Harmonic Media Application Server. Read on to preview the unveiling of this new interface that integrates XenData's archive server solutions with Harmonic's Media Application Server and ProXplore.

Feature, People / Interview
Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
MTI Film introduces Remote Control Dailies

MTI Film introduces Remote Control Dailies

Thousands of members of Creative COW were at the 2011 NAB Show, and we are pleased to bring you some of their reports. In this entry, Debra Kaufman surveys MTI Film's newest offerings and finds that the new feature for Correct DRSTM aids collaborative digital restoration, and that PixelStax allows facilities to share work among artists in multiple locations.

Debra Kaufman
Adobe After Effects
Designing Conan

Designing Conan

Title designer extraordinaire and longtime COW member, Rob Ashe, takes us inside the design of "Conan" on TBS. From the story of Conan's journey to his new TV home, through the show's title design and workflow engineering, here’s a look at Conan's new "beginning." Plus a trip through a single day, from prep, to post, to air.

Feature, People / Interview, Project
Rob Ashe
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Fast Enough? Data-Driven Broadcast Infrastructure

Fast Enough? Data-Driven Broadcast Infrastructure

We can always can count on Bob Zelin moving fast enough to keep up with the crazy number of new options for data-driven broadcast infrastructure. Read on for Bob's review of his findings - enthusiastic and exhausted (er.. exhaustive) - at the super-charged, super-fast NAB 2010.

Review, Feature, People / Interview
Bob Zelin
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Changing the Game with the Blackmagic Design Broadcast Videohub

Changing the Game with the Blackmagic Design Broadcast Videohub

Bob Zelin is always willing to integrate the newest solutions for his systems integration clients. Only this one was VERY new... and if everything didn't go exactly right, it was game over.

Bob Zelin
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Shared Media Storage Without Breaking the Bank

Shared Media Storage Without Breaking the Bank

In this article Walter Biscardi, Jr. shows how he was able to add expandable, shared media storage in his facility for less than you would expect. And he was able to keep all of his current storage options in place, working right alongside the shared array.

Walter Biscardi
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Build your own affordable SAN -- that works!

Build your own affordable SAN -- that works!

Want to let everyone in your shop use the same media at the same time? The Cows Bob Zelin shares the secrets for affordable shared storage that you can build yourself, and that WORKS. Start with big, fast storage from your favorite pro vendor, then follow along. Bob even shows you a few hazards to avoid along the way.

Tutorial, Feature
Bob Zelin
Media Formats | Media Capacities
Disk Drive Storage Systems: Where Are We Today?

Disk Drive Storage Systems: Where Are We Today?

In this Creative COW Magazine article, Bob Zelin talks about where we've come from, and what's ahead in professional storage.

Bob Zelin
Apple Final Cut Pro
Wayne Carey Reviews Getting Organized in Final Cut ProWayne Carey Reviews Getting Organized in Final Cut Pro

Frequent COW contributor and Final Cut Studio editor Wayne Carey takes a look at Getting Organized in Final Cut Pro by Shane Ross, the first FCP title in The Creative COW Master Series. Shane shares the secrets to media management that he's developed in his film broadcast editing career. Wayne takes a close look at what Shane has to say -- and a close look at Shane's iPod -- to discover workflow advice that works for every project, large or small.

Wayne Carey
Motion Graphics
Educating the Future of High DefinitionEducating the Future of High Definition

JMU faced many challenges on the way to a working HD facility. In this Creative COW Magazine article, John Woody discusses some of the struggles and triumphs experienced at James Madison University.

Feature, People / Interview
John Woody
Ciprico storage solutions
Joaquin Gil reviews the Huge-4110

Joaquin Gil reviews the Huge-4110 contributing editor Joaquin Gil shares his experience with storage needs during the creation of his last feature film. In this article, Kino discusses his success with the MediaVault 4110 from HUGE-Ciprico. He concludes with...''With the 4110, HUGE Ciprico addresses a market segment that needs large dataspaces in minimum physical space. A natural for the IT data center, the eCommerce nests, banking and legal data repositories and in general any data intensive application where reliability and speed are a must. This makes it very suitable also for animation and effects houses, middle sized to large editing and sound studios and the semi-nomad setups typical of reality shows, because of its sturdiness, practicality of the connectors and being a standard 19'' rack-mountable device.''

Joaquin Gil
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Charles McConathy discusses video system configuration

Charles McConathy discusses video system configuration

In this article, veteran pundit and respected industry system integrator Charles McConathy of Promax Systems Inc., gives users a look at the ins and outs of what goes into successfully configuring a nonlinear video editing system. Charles explores issues for both Mac and Windows users, the latest storage and BUS technologies, ''gotchas!'', as well as issues that plague users when choosing the right solution. He includes caveats and work-arounds, as well as a FAQ for many questions he regularly hears from users.

Charles McConathy
Adobe Premiere Pro basics
A Primer on NLE Video Quality

A Primer on NLE Video Quality

In this article, Ron Shook attempts in a relatively non-techy way to put some perspective on a range of quality issues inherent in today's Non-Linear Editing technology. Perhaps as you shop for your next NLE or the services of an NLE/editor, you will have a better background for asking significant questions and separating the important stuff from the selling hype.

Editorial, Tutorial
Ron Shook

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